Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner

Truth be told, maintaining the cleanliness of the garage is as difficult as keeping the house clean if not more. There are a lot of things going on in the garage of your house. Not only does this place store your vehicles, it also provides a shelter to your lawnmowers, repairing tools, and a variety of other accessories. Due to all this, the garage is bound to get dirty and needs some effective method to clean it up. The best remedy is to purchase the best wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner.

Have you heard of old, meager shop vac? You must have and some of you might go for those to cut down the sum of money spent on the cleaner purchase. That low price-tag serves as an attraction.  But is that a reasonable decision and helps you in the long run? Nope, it’s not. The maintenance costs of such cleaners are high and their performance level is extremely low. Therefore, don’t get hesitated when it comes to paying the price of some best quality wall mounted garage cleaner. It might be a bit expensive but the running and maintaining costs are pretty low.

A Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner

A wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner, as the name implies, is a vacuum cleaner that can be fixed into a wall. It’s similar to any other shop vacuum cleaner but the only difference is those cleaners occupy space on the garage floor. The best wall mounted garage vacuum cleaners are nice, well-designed, and doesn’t consume the valuable space on the ground on which another important item can be placed.

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The Specialty of Wall Mounted Vacuum Cleaners

Sometimes, we do need an explanation of constructing some things. Similarly, most of us might wonder: What does a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner give that an ordinary one that is placed on the floor can’t? What’s the basic purpose?

Well, my dear readers, the basic purpose is simple i.e. cleaning. But what sets them apart is the restriction that they can’t be moved. They are mounted into the wall and only clean that particular area where they are located. In addition to that, these devices are quieter, have powerful suction, long hoses, and a multitude of attachments.

Their Applications

Since they possess greater power, they are suitable for heavy-duty jobs like cleaning up your entire garage or the vehicles residing inside. After you’ve worked on some DIY project, they are quite useful for cleaning up the messes like sawdust etc. However, beware of one thing: Never ever try to suck up the liquid messes off the floors using such vacuum cleaners.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Wall-Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner

It’s not easy to go for one product from the sea of many. There are various varieties when it comes to choosing the best garage vacuum cleaner from so many choices available. Therefore, to help you out, we’ve done some research and are going to enlighten you about the properties you should look for.

1. Size and Weight of the Vacuum Cleaner

The size and weight of the vacuum cleaner are very significant because your purchased product will be hanging on your garage wall. You need to consider how sturdy the structural support in the garage is? Because if there are any questions regarding that structural support, going for the lighter unit is safe. 

Then there is another perspective. The more powerful and bigger the unit is, the more dirt and debris it can collect. If it has a large-size, it won’t need to be emptied frequently. Therefore, if more empty space is present, choose a larger unit.

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2.  Capacity

The capacity of the vacuum cleaner is defined as the amount of dirt or debris it can gather inside its dirt chamber before having to empty it. The capacity of the wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner has a range of 4 to 7 gallons. But if you do have space, it’s better to opt for the unit that has more capacity.

3. Bagged or Bagless

Bagged vacuum or bagless cleaner? It’s just a matter of choice. In some units, a permanent chamber is installed for dirt collection while in others bags are put in and tossed out when full. My personal preference is to go for a device with a dirt collection chamber that can be emptied instead of buying new bags every time they are full.

4. Motor

A vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor might be a bit expensive but it works the best. The motor of the cleaner influences its function since it determines the amount of airflow and suction. Therefore, the higher the power of the motor, the better the cleaner performs.

5. Hose Length

Another feature that holds importance is the length of the hose that is used for sucking in the air and taking in the dirt and debris along with it. Since the cleaner is wall mounted and can’t be moved around, the length of the hose determines the areas you can access and you can’t. So, spend some generous amount to buy the best wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner with a long hose. Hoses can be anywhere from 18 feet long to 50 feet long. So, choose wisely.

6. Attachments

There are different vacuum cleaners with a variety of attachments. However, these included attachments don’t matter much when it comes to making the final decision. But then again, there are some units that have more additional tools than the others so it's up to you to select what you want.  


When it comes to choosing a single product, there are so many choices in the market that selecting one seems like an almost impossible task. But to help everyone out there, in this section, we are recommending some of the ​wall-mounted garage ​vacuums that can really work wonders. All of the cleaners listed below are efficient and perform great.

1. VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner

This wall mounted, bagged cleaner, weighing around 17 pounds, can make your garage appear spotless. This product does cost more than its rival products being sold in the market. But it does its job efficiently and in a timely manner.

The five-year limited warranty is the clear plus point that keeps it in the spotlight. This device is durable, sturdy, and lasts longer since most of the components and accessories are constructed from metal or good quality plastic. This vacuum cleaner takes care of the mess inside the car too like pet hair, spilled food crumbs, and allergens etc.

A powerful motor is installed inside the unit. Consequently, the unit has better suction and is able to not only clean up small messes but large chunks of debris too. The capacity of the product is quite high. A 7 gallons bag is installed inside the unit that one can easily replace when full. For a wall-mounted cleaner, hose length matters a lot. In this machine, the hose length is 30 feet. Fixing the unit into the wall is straightforward.

2. VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum Cleaner

The next in the list is another product by VacuMaid. This garage vacuum cleaner is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you want to clean the interior of the car, the garage floors, the cracks, and crevices, or whether it's about maintaining the cleanliness of Auto Detail Shops or workshops, this device does it all. The unit is constructed from galvannealed steel and hence durable. It is also powder-coated to resist it from getting corroded.

For a majority of wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaners, fixing in the wall requires special tools and expert assistance. Same can’t be said about this one. Installing it on the wall is easier. The motor is powerful, the HEPA sealed dirt-bag has a capacity of 7 gallons, and the power cord is around 50 feet. The long cord relieves you from the worry of pulling or stretching it.

There are a number of useful attachments and accessories that aid in cleaning the garage floors and reaching into the cracks and crevices and sucking out the dirt and debris. This device can pick anything from small dirt particles to nuts and bolts. An extension wand is added in the box too.

3. HOOVER Vacuum Cleaner GUV ProGrade Garage Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum L2310

The third one in the list of the best wall mounted garage vacuum cleaners is the bagless Hoover GUV ProGrade L2310. This device is considered ideal for wood workshops. And if you are running one, it is highly recommended. Mounting this unit doesn’t require any expert knowledge or wires, pipes, and exhaust vents. Fixing it in the wall is easy and simple. It’s suitable for both home and commercial purposes. Its operation is extremely quiet in comparison with other units.

This well-organized and well-designed machine supplies you with convenience and comfort. The heavy-duty vacuum cleaner doesn’t require any bags. Hence, it cuts down the bag replacement costs. A dirt-canister of 5 gallons is installed inside the machine for collecting dirt and debris. Emptying the dirt chamber is simple. A self-cleaning, long-lasting filter is included.

The suction is average. It does vacuum everything from nuts and screws to dirt and irritants on the garage floors and inside the cars. However, this product is incapable of taking care of leaves and a large mess. The attachments are easy-to-attach. For your convenience, a wall mounting pouch comes with the main unit to store the accessories. The hose is 30 feet long. This length is long enough to reach into the corners and get the dirt off them.

4. Vacmaster Wall Mountable Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner VWM510

First, let's talk about the feature that sets this garage vacuum cleaner apart from others. That single and most useful feature is its portability. Mounting it is easy since it only needs a single stud. And removing it from the wall is simple too. Therefore, at will, one can detach this device from the wall and carry it around without any trouble thanks to the large carry handle. For sucking in the mess, whether wet or dry, a 5-gallon polypropylene tank is included.

The machine comes with a remote control that is used for controlling its operation and suction. The built-in Industrial, 2-stage motor supplies it with more power and assists it in quickly cleaning the intended area. For garage and basements, the product is perfect and performs efficiently.

The power cord is around 20-feet so you won’t have to frequently unplug and replug while cleaning a single room. The suction hose is 21-feet long, that is long enough to reach for out of the way areas and spots. The filtration system is quite reliable with two filters, one a cartridge filter and the other a foam sleeve filter. The machine performs quietly and is durable and sturdy. It comes with a number of additional attachments for your help.

5. Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower 18P03

Being one of the leading brands in the market, Bissell offers versatile, quality products that allow the buyers to handle the cleaning chores effectively. The device is engineered to take care of the spills as well as dry debris. This wet/dry functionality is very useful for keeping your workspace spotless. Mounting this vacuum cleaner is easy with the help of the mounting kit included in the box.

The unit has a 12-amp motor that provides average suction power for eliminating the dirt and allergens. The 32-feet long hose can not only reach into the cars and clean them but also successfully removes the dirt from inside the garage. A 4-gallon dirt tank is included in the design for dirt, debris, and spilled liquids collection. The LED water tank indicator alerts when the tank is full.

An array of useful attachments comes along with the main device. An accessory bag is there for keeping the provided tools and accessories. One of the most significant features about the unit is that it can be used as a blower too. That aids in cleaning clogged hoses and blowing the leaves and dirt into the corners. 


The garage in our houses not only serves as a home for our vehicles but also for a number of tools and accessories. It’s a place where we work on our cars or on some do-it-yourself projects. Therefore, maintaining its cleanliness is a very important factor. For this purpose, a large number of wall mounted garage cleaners are being sold in the market. But choosing the best out of those is quite a complex task. But to help you readers in making the final decision, a list of the best wall mounted garage vacuum cleaners is presented.

From this list, VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner takes the cake. This wall mounted, bagged cleaner performs its job in a timely manner. The powerful motor supplies powerful suction. The dirt collection capacity is better than many of its rivals. The unit is durable since quality materials are used in its construction. For your filthy garages, consider buying this unit and you won’t regret it.

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