7 Tips on Maintaining Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have become an essential house cleaning appliance. Without them, you’ll be left with traditional ways of cleaning the house like dusting with dusters and sweeping with brooms. But those days are gone now. Today people care more about convenience and their ease. However, it's not all about getting advantage from these devices. Maintaining them is necessary too. In this guide, the readers will be enlightened about the tips on maintaining the vacuum cleaners.

Importance of Maintaining the Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is an investment made for the house. It keeps the air around the house smelling nice and fresh. The objects and floors inside the house remain clean and shiny. If you have invested money in purchasing a wonderful and top quality vacuum cleaners, surely you would want it to last longer. Proper maintenance of the cleaner is crucial for this. If care is taken, the vacuum cleaner will run smoothly. This greatly reduces the possibility of cleaners getting damaged.

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Things to do During Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Vacuum cleaners work hard to keep the homes clean and allergen free. They are the best friends of many homeowners. However, to ensure that they remain working at their best, it is important to maintain them. But before performing the regular maintenance and talking about the tips on maintaining the vacuums, it is important to take care of few things. They are listed below.

1. Switch off and Unplug the Cleaner

Always switch the cleaner off and unplug it before starting any maintenance work on it. It does appear obvious but many people neglect this important safety precaution. If the cleaner is even switched off but not unplugged, one may accidentally turn it on. This can result in an injury.

2. Check Internal Parts of a Cleaner regularly

Regularly check the vacuum cleaner parts. Make sure they aren’t suffering from wear and tear. If they are, refer to the manufacturer’s manual for instructions to save them so they can last long or replace them.

3. Paying Attention to Noises

Watch out for any weird noises. They are the sign that something isn’t right and hint that your vacuum cleaner needs your attention. Either try to search for the problem yourself referring to troubleshooting guide or take the unit to a repair shop.

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Tips on Maintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

A little care and maintenance ensure that the vacuum cleaner performance isn’t affected and it keeps on working efficiently. Mentioned below are some of the tips that one needs to bear in mind. These tips on maintaining the vacuum cleaner will extend the life of your machine.

1.  Regularly Empty the Dirt Container

In vacuum cleaner maintenance, emptying it regularly holds great significance. If it isn’t practiced, dirt and debris collected inside the almost full dirt containers infiltrate the air passages. Resultantly, the smooth airflow is disturbed. Frequently emptying the dirt collection container will ensure that no hindrance occurs in the air flow. This way the suction power isn’t affected as the airflow will be maximum.

2. Clean and Replace the Filters on Time

The filters inside the main unit are responsible for capturing the smallest dirt particles and trapping allergens. If the filtration feature is effective, the atmosphere around the house stays hygienic. If not, dirty filters affect the suction power. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly wash the washable filters or replace the ones on time if they can’t be washed.

3. Replace the Dirt Bags in Bagged Units

One of the most important tips on maintaining a vacuum cleaner that uses a bag for dirt and debris collection is to empty the bag before the overspill. Most of the people do not follow this rule and wait until the dirtbag is full and unable to carry more pollutants. Full bags prevent proper air flow by blocking the air passages.  This impacts the cleaner performance negatively.

4. Clear Clogged Air Passages

Clogged nozzles, hoses, and filters aren’t an uncommon occurrence. Since, they encounter the highest amount of dirt, debris, and other impurities, they accumulate dirt over time. This decreases the cleaner efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly check for the clogs and blockages and eliminate if any. Passing clean water through the clogged hoses or using a thin broom to clear the blockage will work.

5. Say Goodbye to Hairy Brush Roll

When vacuuming the carpeted floors, vacuum cleaners with brush roll serve a great purpose. Brush rolls are capable of extracting the toughest of the dirt particles and messes stuck to the carpet fibers. While cleaning, it so happens that animal fur and hair hold onto the brush rolls and prevent them from rotating properly. Use a pair of scissors to detangle the hair for effective cleaning.

6. Check for Wear and Tear

A vacuum cleaner can’t continue to work same as a new one forever. With time, the internal components and its reliable design are subjected to wear and tear. It shouldn’t come off as a surprise since all devices are bound to get old with time. However, to maintain its effectiveness, another tip in the list of the tips on maintaining the vacuum cleaner is proper checkups.

Be sure to regularly look for any cracks or malfunctioning components. A professional electrician can be consulted too in this regard. 

7. Lubricate the Moving Components

There are several moving parts in a vacuum cleaner, internal and external, like axles of swivel heads, and brush rolls and wheels. These are meant for either better maneuverability or functionality. So, to ensure that they rotate easily and smoothly without getting stuck during the cleaning process, lubricate them regularly.


Vacuum cleaners are helpful devices that have made life simple. These devices have put an end on the days of sweeping and cleaning the house using traditional, tiring ways. However, monitoring the performance of a vacuum cleaner is crucial. If the desire is to maintain the efficiency and reduce the chance of damage, follow the tips on maintaining the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners do not need a lot of attention. By offering little care, these devices can last for a very long time.


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