Shark vs Dyson Comparison: Which One to Save More Money

While searching for vacuum cleaners, you must have come across the Shark and Dyson brands. Shark vs Dyson comparison, two of the top most brands in the vacuum cleaners market, have been introducing innovative products with satisfying features setting the bar high for other competitors. There is no debating that their products surpass others in quality and efficiency. However, when it comes to choosing between a Shark or Dyson product, which one is better? Let's find out the answer.

Shark History

In 1995, Shark, now one of the leading brands, was introduced by SharkNinja, the parent company of the Shark brand. SharkNinja has earned itself quite a name over the years and is listed as America’s 5000 fastest growing brands in Inc. Magazine. In the beginning, Shark was named as Euro-Pro Operating LLC. But later the name was changed to Shark.

Shark has marketed its products as the most inexpensive vacuum cleaners that are easy-to-use and maintain(Tips on Maintaining Vacuum Cleaners). The good quality cleaners of Shark have even penetrated the Canada, China, and UK markets.

Dyson History

Since early 1990’s Dyson has been around, manufacturing innovative devices for buyers’ use. James Dyson, the inventor of the first bagless vacuum cleaner, didn’t approve of the messy bagged units. He established Dyson Company in 1987 with the idea of manufacturing bagless vacuum cleaners, an alternative for their messy bagged counterparts.

With passing years, Dyson has become one of the leading vacuum cleaner brands and has earned exceptional praise and popularity for its products not only in the US, UK, and China markets, but also in the markets of New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Dyson has also entered the highly competitive market of India in February 2018. 

Consumers’ Concern: Which one is better?

The majority of the consumers aren’t concerned with things like generated revenue, employee strength, and the markets the company has entered. No. The consumers don’t care about the profit figures or the number of titles the company has bagged. Instead, they solely judge the company by the experience they have after using their products.

Comparison between Shark and Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Shark and Dyson are indulging all their efforts in their products to keep up their good name and popularity. Their constructed products have a better design, feature quality attributes, and advanced technologies. What should you buy? Dyson or Shark?

To make a final choice, there are certain factors one needs to consider and make the decision on the basis of what appeals to the buyers the most.

1.  Quality

Both companies, Shark and Dyson, manufacture vacuum cleaners with plastic bodies. There are hardly any metal pieces found in their body. However, Dyson in this regard has an edge since the cleaners manufactured have innovative designs with overall better built than Shark products. For example, to eliminate the chances of filter clogging, both Shark and Dyson models use Cyclone Technology but Dyson models perform a much better job. Dyson retractable cord feature is also praise-worthy.

Typical Shark vacuum like Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV501)

​Typical Dyson vacuum like Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner​​​

2. Power

When it comes to power, Dyson is the obvious winner of this head-on-head battle. Shark models feature similar cyclonic suction like many different brands that can’t excel Dyson’s Patented Radial Suction System that is consistent. Dyson models are simply better at sucking dirt and debris off the surfaces.

Shark models are quite powerful but the addition of Cyclonic Technology means that their suction is inconsistent. That shows Shark models performance decline during usage.

3. Durability 

Durability is one of the most-searched features. If a product isn’t durable, even the most advanced features it comes with can’t cover this flaw. When compared on the basis of durability, Dyson products have scored a better reputation than Shark. Their offered warranty period is also longer than Shark.

However, in recent years the customers of Dyson products have complained that the body is constructed from cheap plastic and not much reliable. So, the chances are that soon Shark and Dyson will be even in near future in terms of durability. 

4. Price

When it’s about the cost and a cleaner being affordable, Shark excels all other brands including Dyson. All Shark vacuum cleaners don’t cost you an arm and leg. They are reasonably priced. This doesn’t mean the company is compromising on the quality. These affordable units can compete with high-priced Dyson cleaners. Shark cleaners are found to be cost-effective, their price half as much as Dyson’s.

 5. Customer Service

The biggest problem that has been a major source of inconvenience for the customers is Shark company poor and inconsistent customer service. To some users, the company responds on time, while to others, the customer service department takes its time. Delivering of replacement parts takes too long too.

In comparison with Shark, Dyson’s customer service is just a bit better. However, it isn’t perfect. In recent years, there have been many instances where the customers complain about not getting timely replies and have to wait for long periods for parts replacement.

6. Noticeable Features

Shark is the brand constantly introducing new and efficient designs. This is the only current company in the market having vacuum cleaners that include ‘The DuoClean Technology’ featuring a dual brush-roll. This attribute enables the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the incredible amount of dirt and dust without spraying it everywhere.

Dyson is no different. The brand is known for making the troubling task of vacuuming like a breeze. Dyson focuses mainly on manufacturing products with the consistent suction of high levels. The ball technologies add maneuverability to their products. ​


Both Dyson and Shark are well-known brands in the industry of home appliances. They have striven hard to achieve this position by constructing designs that can compete and easily defeat the products of other brands in the battle of affordability, reliability, and power etc.

Purchasing Shark won’t prove to be a burden on your budget. But investing in Dyson might save more money in long-term. In this guide, the differences between what the two brands have to offer and in what fields they excel are described. So, depending upon your requirements, make the final decision.


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