Shark Navigator vs Shark Rotator Comparison

Shark Navigator vs Shark Rotator comparison? In the market, numerous vacuum cleaner brands have set their mark by providing the best quality products. One of them is Shark. Shark is widely known for its products. Two of the most prominent ones are Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator.

These particular models are termed the professional uprights vacuums that are designed keeping users’ needs in mind. However, which is the best among them is decided on their performance and the features they have to offer. Here a comparison of the latest models of both kinds will be presented for your help.

Shark Navigator versus Shark Rotator

Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator, both vacuums are truly fantastic in terms of flexibility and efficiency. These models share some similarities but there are certain differences on the basis of which the final choice about what model should be used is made. In this section, those similarities and differences will be introduced to you.

1. Build and Design

The overall body-style of both vacuums is pretty similar. However, there exists a clear difference between their physical appearance, their dimensions, and the weight of the cleaners.

Shark Rotator vs Shark Navigator

Shark Rotator vs Shark Navigator

Shark Navigator (like model Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV42) with a color scheme of just white and silver is 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches in size. Its appearance draws minimal attention and hence, makes it perfect for offices. This unit weighs around 13.7 pounds. The lightweight contributes to maneuverability. It’s compact and easy to carry around the house.  

Shark Rotator (like version Shark Rotator V572)having the dimensions of 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches weighs around 15.6 pounds. The unit, despite performing very well, has earned some negative reviews from its users. They often complain about it being too heavy that noticeably decreases the unit’s maneuverability. The touch of maroon on silver is quite appealing in the body of this product.

2. Power

Shark Navigator and Rotator are powered by a motor of 1200 watts. This demonstrates clearly that both products have similar suction power. For cleaning an average size household, these two cleaners work quite effectively. However, Shark Rotator is quieter than Navigator during its operation.

3. User-friendly

Both models, Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator, feature a 30-feet long power cord. The long power cord enables the operator of the device to reach farther parts, areas, and corners in a large room. One needs not to plug it in different sockets frequently while performing cleaning chores.

Shark Navigator supports 9.5 inches wide cleaning head. But Shark Rotator has a cleaning head that is 11.5 inches wide that allows the machine to cover more area on the floor and suck in the dirt and debris faster than Navigator.

Sometimes directing a cleaner in the right direction becomes an almost impossible task. However, with Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator, the Swivel Steering feature allows the user to easily direct the unit towards the required area.

4. Filtration

HEPA- High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration system is declared as a top-notch filtration system. HEPA filters are capable of trapping around 99.9% of the dirt and dust particles and other types of allergens that act as a risk to human health.

Both models, Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator, are geared with HEPA Filtration system. Therefore, these vacuum cleaners not only suck in the dirt and mess on the floors but also take care of the air around the house and clean it. Shark offers a lifetime guarantee on the HEPA filters of these two products.

With Shark Rotator, an additional pre-motor filter is available that is washable and replaceable. The pre motor filter protects the Shark motor and ensures that no dirt and dust slip into the motor and affect its performance.

5. Bin Capacity

For a bagless unit, it is essential that the dirt chamber included should not only be properly sealed to keep in the trapped dirt and dust particles but also has a large capacity and is easy-to-empty.

Both models have properly sealed dirt chambers with large capacities. Shark Navigator has a bin volume of 0.825 gallons. Shark Rotator bin volume is even larger. The large volume ensures that the user won’t have to frequently empty the dirt bin during cleaning sessions.

Emptying these dirt bins is quite easy too. With a pull of a button located at the back of the canister, the bin can be detached from the main body. Once the dirt chamber is removed from the main unit, hold it over a trash can and press the button to empty the bin. The lower part of the bin will fling open and the trash will be emptied into the trash can.

6. Cleaning Heads and LED Lights

Both Rotator and Navigator come with a brush roll cleaning head for carpeted floors and hard surface cleaning head for hardwood and tile floors. However, both of the models have different style cleaning heads.

The Navigator’s hard floor cleaning head is sleeker that goes well with the body style of the vacuum. On the head, there is a microfiber pad that captures the dirt and debris.

The Rotator’s cleaning head is solid gray that doesn’t match with the body of the unit. Also, unlike Navigator, Rotator head has no microfiber cleaning pads.

With Shark Rotator, LED lights are added that generate strong beams and enable a user to see the dirt and debris clearly and never miss any mess hiding in dark corners. In Navigator, there are no LED lights.


When it comes to accessories, Navigator and Rotator come with a number of useful attachments that add versatility to these units. For cleaning areas like baseboards, tighter spaces, and hard-to-reach spots, both units include crevice tools. These models also include nice quality dusting brooms to eliminate pet dander, bread crumbs, and other similar pollutants. A nice power brush is also included in the box of these models.

For detailed cleaning of polished surfaces, Navigator has microfiber pads. However, Rotator comes with a number of additional tools that give this product an upper hand. Inside the Rotator box, a multi-angled dusting brush, various cleaning heads, a straight suction nozzle, and a canister caddy is provided.

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In their own right, Shark Navigator and Rotator have earned praise from their users. Both units are designed with quality material and possess features that aid in the job of cleaning.

However, if it comes to choosing one, Rotator will definitely take the first place since this cleaner is better in the suction department and comes with a few more bells and whistles in comparison with Shark Navigator. So, Rotator is a preferred choice.


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