Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Review

With the introduction of central vacuuming systems, the choices have become even more abundant and hence, the buyers’ confusion has increased ten folds. The tough competition among the manufacturers and their willingness to earn more by producing more has left the customers utterly puzzled. What to buy and what not is the main question circulating in their minds. To end the misery of such people, a product is recommended in this article, one that might brighten their lives i.e. Prolux CV12000 central vacuum power unit.

Central Vacuuming System:

Unlike the canister, upright vacuum, handheld or stick portable vacuum cleaners, a central canister vacuuming system is installed into a building to remove dirt, debris and other awful particles that stir allergies inside human bodies. These devices are used in the basements, storage rooms, and garage etc.

Structure of Central Vacuuming Systems:

Along with a container for gathering unwanted particles, the main unit is permanently fixed in the wall. This main unit sucks in the debris, and through the tubing, the annoying and harmful messes are collected inside the dirt container. These beneficial machines can accumulate up to 22 pounds of dirt and dust before the container has to be emptied.

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit:

For the improvement of the home atmosphere and for effectively taking care of the occupants of the house, Prolux CV12000 central vacuum power unit has been claimed by the manufacturers as one of the best products out there. The unit is bagless vacuum with a powder-coated steel body that is a clear evidence of the product’s durability and efficiency. 


When buying a device, the significant questions one need to answer are what it has to offer, what are the features and whether these said features match with the requirements or not. Only then a suitable product can be purchased. If the wish is to buy a central vacuuming system, keeping in mind the system attributes and benefits it has to offer is essential.

Weight and Size: The unit weighs around 22 pounds. The size of this cleaner is 10 x 10 x 10 inches.

Construction Material:  The body of the Prolux CV12000 central vacuum​ is built from steel.

Area Coverage: This machine is capable of efficiently cleaning an area of 12000 square feet.

Motor: Since, it’s one of the best units, it uses a 150 CFM 2 Stage-motor which is quite powerful and produces 130 cubic feet air flow in a minute.

Dirt Cup Capacity: The dirt chamber can contain up to 5 gallons of dirt and debris.

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System with Prolux Power Nozzle Kit and 25 Year Warranty

Filtration System: The device features a three-stage filtration:

  • Bagless dirt chamber
  • Washable Micron Pre-filter
  • Washable HEPA filter

Bagless Unit: The unit is bagless.

Corded: It comes with a cord hence, no need to worry about the battery charge and running time.

Quiet Operation: It includes the External Muffler for reducing the noise level.

Attachments: The additional accessories that come in the box along with the main unit are:

  • A mounting bracket
  • A muffler system
  • 2 filters
  • An end pipe
  • 30 feet long hose
  • A head-kit

Price: It costs around 400 dollars.

Warranty: This machine has a 10-year warranty for motor and a 25-year warranty for the body.


Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit will assist its users in successfully achieving the dream of clean home and better health. This quietly operating device performs well and doesn’t make the customer regret its purchase. Following are some basic advantages of this product.

1. Powerful Motor:

For sucking in every last, tiniest part of a mess, the suction of the cleaner has to be great. The great suction comes with great motor and this model uses the Amtek 2-stage motor that generates 150 CFM. Hence, the motor installed supplies enough suction power for getting the majority of the messes.

2. Durability:

Nowadays, it’s not an unusual occurrence to come across a vacuum cleaner that gets damaged after a few minor jobs. These devices are constructed from cheap and unreliable materials. But the cylindrical-shaped body of the recommended product is made from scratch and corrosion resistant steel. Also, the reliable construction is protected by a 25-year warranty.

3. Three-stage Filtration:

A clean atmosphere is the preference of all. This unit provides a three-stage filtration including the most demanded HEPA filter that ensures that the air inhaled is allergen-free. The provided filters are washable(best HEPA vacuums for allergies).

4. Noise Reduction:

The loud noise of a cleaner plays a vital role in decreasing the number of customers since it’s highly unappealing. But this product generates less noise due to the muffler supplied.


Now that the positive facts regarding this product have been discussed, let's move onto the negative aspects of Prolux CV12000 ​vacuum​.

1. Limited Accessories Supplied:

 When it comes to fixing the unit, one must know that no additional inlet hoses and elbows are included with the main unit. This might be inconvenient since one has to visit a local hardware store or order it from some online site and patiently wait for its arrival.

2. Ineffective for Wet Debris:

Not many vacuum cleaners can tackle the wet messes. This unit follows the same pattern and doesn’t do well when water is involved. The filters might get clogged and hence, one needs to clean them for gaining favorable results.

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25-year warranty, three-stage filtration, long hose and durable design are some of the many benefits that Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit offers to its buyers. The unit is a central vacuuming system that isn’t that difficult to install. With this machine, one needs not to worry about it breaking down. The long warranty period is the clear sign of its efficiency and reliability.

This unit works quietly, includes a powerful motor and captures allergens reducing the risks of allergies affecting a healthy state of the house residents. Since the unit is bagless and less likely to damage, this lowers the maintenance costs to a prominent degree. So, while shopping for a central vacuum system, avoiding this unit could be your loss and someone else’s gain.

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