How to Get Rid of the Bedbugs from the Homes

How to get rid of the bedbugs from the homes?

“Night, Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” You must have already heard that saying and looking for measures to stop these pests from biting. If not, you have to. Some of you might be free from the troubles the bedbugs cause. That makes you one lucky soul. Bedbugs cause many issues. Learning about their presence in time before they increase in numbers is crucial. In this article, along with many details we’ll share about the bedbugs with you, a few tips on how to get rid of the bedbugs will also be given.

There is also a category of people that are unaware of the fact that they are dealing with the bed bug issue. They think the cause of nonstop itching and restlessness is mosquitoes or some other insect. If that’s the case with you too, you are in the dark.

Some of us don’t consider the presence of these pests harmful. They are harmful and cause various health issues, restlessness at nights and itchy welts where they bite.

Where do the Bedbugs Hide?

Bedbugs are the small, oval-shaped pests having the body as big as an apple seed. They feed on animal and human blood. Normally, their bodies are flat. But after consuming a good amount of blood, they swell and change their color from brown to almost red. In homes, they enter undetected sticking to your clothes or hiding in your luggage. If they find favorable conditions, they develop fast and reproduce quickly.

Bedrooms, the bedbug’s headquarters, are the favorite place of bedbugs to live, giving them a free reign to suck people’s blood at night and go unnoticed. These tiny pests typically hide in the mattresses, bed frames, box springs, and headboards. From there, they can also scatter around the bedroom and the house.

The Bedbugs Infestation

The bedbugs mostly come out at night. That’s why their presence might go unnoticed by the house residents and they’ll consider the reason behind itchy welts to be the mosquitoes. But if you are smart enough, bedbugs leave evidence behind that show they have infested the house. Following are the signs that points in the direction of the bed bug infestation

 If your pillowcases and bed sheets have stains of blood.

The offensive musty odor that fills the house.

Shed skin of bedbugs, the dark black and rusty fecal spots or pearly white eggs or eggshells found in clusters in the narrow, dark corners around the bedrooms.

The bedbugs are ectoparasites living outside of their host and feeding on its blood. Even when they come out only after the Sun sets and the darkness settles in, you can start searching them yourself. It’s not difficult to spot an adult bed bug from the naked eye. Check the headboards, the bed frames, the tables placed right next to your bed, the wall junctions, and loose wallpapers etc. ​

How to Get Rid of the Bedbugs

Once you have discovered the ugly truth that your house is a victim of bed bug infestation, the next step is to tackle the issue before it gets worse to the point that you could no longer stay in the same house.

1. The Heat Treatment

Remove the bedding, linens, and curtains etc before tossing them in a washing machine with hot water. Clean them properly. Then dry these items in the dryer on the highest setting to kill the bedbugs.

There are some items around the house like stuffed animals and shoes etc that can’t be washed. Put such items in the dryer and run it at a high setting for around half an hour.

2. Using a Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Before vacuuming the sheets, you should scrub the mattress with a stiff brush to remove any eggs, eggshells or full grown bedbugs.

Once done, start vacuuming the bed and also the area surrounding it. Pay special attention to the bedside table.

After you’ve finished vacuuming, remove the vacuum cleaner bag that must now be filled with bedbugs, their eggs, and excrement. Put it in a plastic bag and throw it in the garbage bin outside the house. At itbcbuffalo, you can be easy to find suitable vacuum cleaners for your need, like vacuum for dog hairs, cheap vacuum under 200$,etc.

3. Repairing Cracks

Bedbugs often hide wit in the cracks in the walls or behind the loose or peeling wallpaper. Therefore, repairing cracks and gluing the wallpaper properly to the wall will definitely help. It will eliminate the hiding spots of bedbugs.

4. Removing Clutter

If there are a lot of boxes under the bed containing unwanted items or bags packed with things you no longer use are present in the cupboards or cabinets, get rid of them. Getting rid of the clutter will help in the bed bug treatment.

5. The Cold Treatment

Bedbugs possess high cold tolerance. They can easily survive in cold climate. However, there is a limit to their level of tolerance and if the temperature goes lower than that, the bedbugs will freeze to death. So, after setting the freezer to 0 degrees Fahrenheit leave the items infested with bedbugs inside the fridge for about four days. After four days, the bedbugs will die.

6. Using Pesticides

The most effective way of exterminating the bedbugs is using chemical treatment. This head-on approach in comparison with other methods works quicker. However, spraying the pesticides in the bedroom and around other areas of the house can be risky. Therefore, before spraying check the instructions given to ensure that the product isn’t harmful when used on the bedding. It will be far better to hire a pest control professional for bed bug extermination.


Most of the times a bed bug bite doesn’t pose a serious threat however, there are cases in which the victim ends up suffering from serious problems. Sensitive people when bitten by bedbugs may experience mild to severe infections. There are instances where the incessant scratching leads to infection since pathogens and germs will attack the wound. These apple-shaped pests come out at night and become the reason for lack of sleep.

Therefore, these seemingly harmless brownish, blood-sucking pests can cause minor to major troubles for humans and hence, it’s necessary to control their activities and work for their elimination. From the above section dedicated to the subject of ‘how to get rid of the bedbugs’, you can choose the listed methods and get fruitful results.

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