How to Effectively Clean the Floor Mats

​Vases with intricate designs, glowing multi-colored balls, or beautifully made photo frames serve no beneficial purpose. You won’t get any output from such decorative items since the entire reason for their existence is to look pretty. However, floor mats with attractive patterns not only add beauty to the place but do a lot more than that. Since, they hold such significance, talking about the ways to clean the floor mats is also very important.

Where do we put the mats?

Before diving into the sea of information regarding how this piece of fabric is cleaned, let's have a conversation on where the floor mat can be placed. The answer is everywhere. Offices, houses, gyms, beauty salons, or any other type of a building requires a floor mat if your intent is to shield the place from the uninvited dirt sticking to your shoes or bare feet.

As far as my experience goes, almost every building, big or small, needs an entryway and exit-way matting. What to choose depends on your requirement and preference.

Is placing the floor mat serves a beneficial purpose?

Matting, as described earlier, does provide benefits to you, your family, your colleagues, pets, and almost everyone you know. In many houses, matting is often neglected. People completely disregard the advantages matting has to offer. In this section, we will highlight the significance of floor mats in achieving a clean and better smelling home.

1. Filters Dirt and Debris:

It wouldn’t be wrong if we call floor mats ‘dirt filters’. They really are. At homes and offices, people constantly move in and out. This generates a lot of dirt. Now floor mats prevent the dirt particles from entering the buildings. A good hygiene is maintained by the mats.

2. Maintains the Beauty of the Floors:

Spotless, squeaky clean floors are the desire of many. Nothing could be as irritating as someone bringing the outside dirt along with them when entering the freshly vacuumed house. This dirt not only ruins the air quality but also diminishes the shine of flooring. Mats reduce the probability of this and keep the flooring nice and beautiful.

3. Eases the Cleaning Job: 

Matting captures dirt. Not all of it but a good portion of it is trapped inside the fibers of your beautiful floor mat. This eases the task of cleaning around the house and time consumption will be less too.

4. Reduces the Slipping Risks:

Walking with wet shoes on the marble or tile flooring doubles the risk of losing one's footing. Since mats absorb moisture from the shoes, it minimizes the number of falling and slipping hazards.

5. Enhances the House Beauty:

Mats can add to the house decoration. One can get a custom-made carpet mat with their favorite slogan or quote from some movie or a novel. There are exquisite mat designs being sold in the market that complements the interior decor of your home. If purchased, they can easily attract the attention of the guests visiting you at your place.

How can you keep the mats clean?

Floor mats do all the tough work for us. They fight a war against the harmful contaminants and moisture that people’s shoes bring in when stepping inside the house. They do deserve a reward in return. And what could be a better reward than preserving their beauty by keeping them clean? In this section, different ways to clean the floor mats will be discussed.

1. ​Using a Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuuming systems have been known for extracting dirt from the fabrics. In a similar way, they can be used for floor mats. A compact, lightweight and portable handheld or stick vacuum cleaner can assist you in successfully tackling the issue of dirty mats.

2. Shaking or Whacking:

One of the old-fashioned, traditional ways of cleaning a floor mat is by shaking the piece of fabric multiple times to rid it off the dust. Another method is to whack the floor mat with some object like a broom to eliminate the dust clinging to it.

3. Stain Remover:

Sometimes stubborn stains ruined the attractive floor mats. In that case, grab yourself a bottle of stain remover and a small piece of cloth.

Spray the stain remover on the stain.

Dab the stain gently with the cloth and don’t stop until the stain is gone for the good.

4. Using a Brush:

For reaching deeply into the fibers of the floor mat, grab yourself a carpet brush with stiff bristles and get ready to work. Since the floor mats are laced with dust and dirt despite appearing clean, the brush will forcefully push the dirt and dust off.

5. Using a Mixture of Dishwashing Soap and Water:

In a small bucket, take some tap water.

Add few drops of a dishwashing liquid in it for making some bubbles.

Firmly grip a large sponge or a scrub brush and dip it in the mixture.

Scrub the dirty surface of the floor mat to remove the dirt.

Make sure the water is frequently changed during the task if it gets dirty.

At the end of the cleaning process, dip a towel or sponge in the fresh and clean water to remove the soap.

6. Using Baking Soda and Vinegar:

If you fear to damage the nice appearance of your floor mats and hesitant to try out the dishwashing soap method, you can go with a natural remedy, one that involves some baking soda and vinegar.

Sprinkle some baking soda on the surface of the floor mat.

Keep on spraying the vinegar over it until it becomes foamy

Scrub it a little before using some paper towels to clean the mixture off.

7. Sweeping:

A much affordable method than using a vacuum cleaner and a quicker one that those mentioned before is sweeping. For sweeping, no electricity or mixing of different substances is needed. It’s a simple process where you simply run the sweeper across the floor mat and remove the dropped crumbs and dirt shoe trail from it.


A clean carpet ensures clean indoor air quality, healthy atmosphere for breathing, and nice and fresh smelling environment. One of the biggest and most overlooked factors in keeping the carpet clean is the use of floor mats. Floor mats prevent the excess of dirt from entering the house by scraping it off your shoes. They also absorb moisture. Maintaining the floor mats cleanliness is a necessity. You can apply one of the many ways to clean the floor mats mentioned in the above section and get good results.

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