How to Deep Clean the Tile Flooring

How to deep clean the tile flooring? ​For any home, tile flooring is a lovely flooring style. There are many different patterns and colors available for choosing. However, tile installation comes with a price. Cleaning tiles is a chore that is difficult to get right. Streaked and grimy grout presents a horrible sight. But with right kind of tools and the techniques to deep clean the tile flooring, satisfaction can be brought to you and the house residents.

Reason to Clean the Tile Floors Regularly

A gentle hand and smart cleaning techniques keep the tile flooring and grout looking fresh, new, and pleasant to look at. If during the routine cleaning and scheduled maintenance, the attractive tile flooring and grout are forgotten, they will suffer in their appearance and quality.  Mentioned below are some of the reasons that describe how important it is to clean the tiles regularly.

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1. Clean To Maintain their Beauty

In the beginning, the tile floors appear squeaky clean and super shiny. However, they’ll only stay that way and will be able to keep their shine if cleaned after regular intervals. If not, tiles can easily gather dirt and dust along with unwanted particles that will make them appear dull and filthy.

2. Clean to Keep them in Good Condition

Like any other flooring type, tiles are exposed to harsh conditions quite a lot. The stains, spills, scratches, and normal wear and tear gradually become a reason for their deterioration. So, if the tile owners don’t pay good attention to the flooring, do not often clean it, the tiles beauty as well as quality will be negatively affected. So, it is highly advised by the experts to practice regular tile cleaning.

3. Extend the Lifespan of the Floors 

Dirt and contaminants break down the grout and affect the lifespan of the tile flooring by decreasing it. The damage to the tiles and grout may require you to spend more money on their polish and sealing. To prevent this, it's important to deep clean the tile flooring to minimize the chances of damage.

Issues with Tiles if not Cleaned properly

1. Efflorescence or White Stains on the Tiles

If the water isn’t mopped on time and allowed to stay on the surface of the tiles, it penetrates the material that tiles are made of. The minerals present in the water end up crystallizing due to which white residue appears on the tiles.

2. Cloudy Appearance of the Tiles

One of the basic tips for cleaning tiles is to use the appropriate kind of product depending upon the type of the tile. If the wrong cleaning product is used, tiles become milky in their appearance and lose their lovely look. Using a wrong product to clean can cause serious permanent damage to the tiles.

3. Dirty Floor Grout

Grout is porous that stains almost instantly. Most of the times, these stains aren’t of temporary nature. Grout joints sit lower than the tiles so while scrubbing and mopping, dirt, grime, and other contaminants are pushed into the grout lines. This dirt and grime along with the moisture provide healthy conditions for the mold and bacteria to grow. So, deep cleaning is a necessity.

Best Ways to Deep Clean the Tile Flooring

Before describing the ways to deep clean the tile flooring, one thing is very important and that is performing the basic cleaning. Make a habit of sweeping or vacuuming the tile floors at least once a week followed by using a slightly wet mop on them.

However, if you are a pet owner, you might need to vacuum the tiles twice a week by using traditional ways or using the vacuum cleaners for tiles to get rid of the hairs that can otherwise be inhaled and cause various health issues. Make sure to pay special attention to the high traffic areas around the house.

1. Cleaning Technique 1

Ingredients: 2 gallons of hot water, one cup of baking powder, one cup of white vinegar, and 2-3 drops of dishwashing detergent.

baking powder

baking powder

After mixing all the ingredients well in a bucket, use a mop to apply this solution on the tile floors carefully. Get all the areas and corners. It will take the dirt off the floors and make your floors appear new and shiny. If you want the tile floors to smell fresh, a teaspoon of lemon juice can do the trick and produce a clean, crisp smell. Don’t forget to change out the solution if it begins to look dirty.

2. Cleaning Technique 2

Ingredients: One-fourth cup of white vinegar and a half cup of baking soda.

white vinegar

white vinegar

In a container mix the ingredients really well. Grab a toothbrush and use it to apply the mixture on the stained and grimy grout lines. This paste will even work on the stained tiles. However, one thing should be kept in mind that is ever to use a metal brush or a wired one for paste application because this will damage and scratch the surface.

For around 10 minutes, leave the paste. Afterward, fill a bucket of warm water, grab a cloth and damp it before wiping down the grout lines and stained areas of the tile floors. In the end, run the mop over the floors. You’ll be able to spot the clear difference.

3. Cleaning Technique 3

Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide

Deep cleaning of tile flooring also involves the complete elimination of stains. Stubborn coffee and red wine stains do give many people a challenge. Removing them once they settled is quite a work. But putting some hydrogen peroxide with the help of a cloth on the stain can help. Dab the stain with the cloth and scrub the surface gently. When the stain is finally removed, discard the cloth and rinse that area.

4. Cleaning Technique 4

Ingredients: Club soda and water.

Club soda

Club soda

A mixture of club soda and water can tackle the gruesome grease stains. Dab this mixture with the cloth on top of the grease stain and let it soak for a few minutes if the stain is old. The club soda will work as the lifting agent and remove the stain. Later, use water to wash it away.


There is something really satisfying about deep cleaning the tile flooring. Their sparkle and beautiful appearance add to the overall look of the house.

But if not taken care of properly, if left neglected and unattended, tiles began to collect dust and dirt over their surface and grime begins to settle in the grout lines. It is essential to deal with the issue and clean them in time to retain their shine and beauty. Employing one of the mentioned techniques could work wonders for you and your home.


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