How to Clean the Carpets to Avoid Allergies

​Several thoughts cross our minds throughout the day centered on different subjects. But have you ever visited the idea that what your precious, nice looking carpet might be hiding in its soft, long fibers that no longer appear shiny? No? Then think about it. Overtime carpets become a permanent home for dust, dirt, bacteria and other microorganisms, pet and human hair, harmful allergens, and other small, sometimes extremely tiny substances. The next question you should be asking yourself is how to clean the carpets to rid them off such problem causing agents.

Why Choose Carpets?

Hard surfaces are just... hard. Therefore, you may suffer from sore feet or an aching body after standing or walking for long period of time. These surfaces are shiny, nice, and add beauty to your house but they lack one thing- flexibility. 

Enter the carpets. Attractive and beautiful designs of the carpeted floors provide a warm and cozy feeling. Walking on the surface of soft fibers, the flexibility that carpet offers keeps your feet from getting sore. This textile floor covering insulates the floors and hence, saves energy. The carpeted surfaces absorb sounds and also minimize the risk of slipping and falling hazards.

Regularly Cleaning the Carpets is crazily Important

Carpets, the cost-effective floor covering, should not be neglected. Cleaning them properly and eliminating all kinds of harmful particles taking refuge within the fibers is necessary otherwise the inconvenience they cause would be great. Therefore, before answering the anticipated question of how to clean the carpets, reasons need to be told that will push you towards cleaning them.

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s now a known fact that the carpet fibers house many pollutants. The fibers trap them and when you or one of your family members walks across the surface, the trapped particles become airborne. To eliminate the danger of inhaling these particles, regularly clean the carpets.

2. Prolongs the Life of the Carpet

Dirt and debris combined with moisture, the culprits that lead to damaging the carpets, if properly extracted will increase the life of the carpet. This saves your money from being wasted.

3. Enhances Room Appearance

If the carpets are clean and fresh smelling it will definitely improve the overall feel of your house. The people living inside will breathe in fresh air and the floors will appear attractive. The carpets add style to the house. If they aren’t clean, your home won’t appear clean either.

4. Minimizes the Risk of Allergies

Carpets function like magnets attracting dirt, dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and other agents responsible for stirring allergies inside a human body. These allergy-provoking substances if not removed on time will be the cause of sickness especially in the young children and older people since they have weak immune systems.

5. Elimination of Carpet Stains

Spilled coffee, pet or ink stains, and many other types of noticeable marks on the carpet don’t present a very nice picture when someone visits your place. If you manage to make them disappear by applying the deep-cleaning methods, your carpet will look as good as new.

How to Keep the Carpets Clean?

 1. Dealing with Stains

Spilled cup of coffee on floor

All homes are prone to occasional spills. It’s unavoidable. Leaving the stains alone and not attempting to remove them will affect the overall appearance of the carpet negatively. So, for removing the stubborn marks, one of the many ways is to use detergents.

In a bottle make a detergent solution.

Spray it on an absorbent cloth and dab the stain with it.

As the stain slowly begins to dissolve, use the dry part of the same cloth to mop it up.

2. Getting Rid of Mud

No matter in what region you live, when it rains or snows, mud is being tracked inside the house through muddy shoes and is transferred to the clean carpets. Owning pets or having children around the house makes this problem worse. So, in order to tackle this issue, follow the given instructions that can prove beneficial.

The first thing you need to do nothing. Yes. Stay calm and let the mud dry. Dry mud is easy to get off the fibers. Rubbing the mud when it’s still wet won’t be a good idea.

The next step is to remove as much dry mud as possible through a portable vacuum cleaner. If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner, go for an alternative i.e. a sweeping brush or a broom.

If the mud has left behind a stain, try the stain removal method already mentioned above.

3.  Preventing Allergies by Eliminating Allergens

Managing to clean the spots of spilled coffee or ink, mud, and other visible stains off the carpet isn’t enough. There is a lot more hidden in those fibers that act as a serious threat to the health of the house residents. Carpets are filters that not only capture dirt and dust but also the allergens thriving in there like mold spores, dust mites, pet hair and dander, and other microorganisms.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to invest your money in the purchase of a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner that features advanced HEPA filtration. You can be easy to find one in list of top 5 best vacuum for carpet which we've already checked on carpets and reviewed it, or you need a particular purpose such as dog or cat hair removal, check top 5 best vacuum for pet hair. Vacuuming the carpets once or twice a week will help in getting rid of the allergens.

4. Removing Dirt and Debris

Commercial carpet cleaners in the market can prove very effective when it comes to removing dirt. But sometimes people have reservations and are hesitant to try these products out due to the chemicals mixed in them. For those, there is a home remedy; a carpet cleaner prepared at home using natural ingredients that will please you with the outcome when used. Steps for making the homemade carpet cleaner and using it are as follows.

In a spray bottle, mix one-fourth of baking soda and one-fourth of white wine vinegar. Add one-half of the lukewarm water to make a solution. Close the bottle and shake it well.

Once done, spray the prepared solution onto the dirt covered carpet. Apply more to the areas that appear filthy. Leave it for three to five minutes.

The solution will penetrate the dirt during that time and start breaking the stains too.

Grab a sponge, a washcloth or just a paper towel and vigorously scrub the carpet to remove the dirt.

In the end, take some warm water in another spray bottle to rinse away the traces of the carpet cleaner still sticking to the carpet.


Nothing can match the warmth, comfort, and nice feeling that the wall to wall carpeting adds to our homes. It can’t be rivaled. Carpets muffle the thudding sounds of our footsteps and create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

But they can’t stay the same forever until properly taken care of. They are laced with dirt and dust and provide a home to bacteria and microorganisms. Keeping them clean is necessary. The problematic question was how to clean the carpets. But it has been answered now. So, you can employ any method and live a happy life.

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