How to Clean the Bathroom Tiles Effectively

​One of the least favorite activities of the people around the house is cleaning the bathroom. Since, the place is frequently visited, maintaining its cleanliness can be quite a chore. But if the bathroom isn’t properly cleaned, if the porcelain and ceramics tile covering the floor and walls aren’t paid much attention to, the area can turn into a horrifying nightmare. If you are familiar with how to clean the bathroom tiles in the right manner, your tiles will always be sparkling.

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Cleaning Bathroom Tiles- A Daunting Task

When it comes to cleaning other parts of the house like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and even attic or basement, your reluctance might not be at the highest level. But same might not be the case with bathrooms. The porcelain and ceramic tiles despite being flexible and durable require time and effort to clean. Leaving them dirty will snatch their shine and beautiful appearance.  Cleaning them deeply, however, will breathe a new life into the old tiles.

Moisture- The Culprit behind Tiles Dull Appearance

Water is the friend essential for life but it can also be the enemy. Tiles, even when they are famous for their durability and long-lasting luster that can survive many seasons, suffer due to water. Inside the bathrooms, no matter how perfectly and efficiently the tiles are installed, the presence of moisture weakens the tile walls, flooring, and shower stalls etc. A number of problems are associated with tiles when moisture is involved.

Problems that Affects the Appearance of the Bathroom Tiles and their Solutions

1. Mold and Mildew

One of the biggest threats to the bathroom tiles that are hard to avoid is the growth of mold and mildew developing on the grout. Mold and mildew thrive in wet, humid conditions. The lingering moisture in the bathrooms and poor ventilation along with shower or toilet leaks provide favorable conditions for mold growth. If the precautions aren’t taken on time, the mold that has started out just as a small, almost undetectable spot can turn into a disgusting sight.


Use pure, undiluted vinegar for cleaning the mold from the bathroom tiles. Vinegar acidic nature works against the mold and fights it off.

Spray some vinegar on the surfaces having mold and leave it for about an hour.

When the period of one hour is over, use the hot water to wipe the area.

In the end, use a cloth to dry the damp surfaces.

2.  Hard Water Spots on the Tiles

Hard water after drying on the ceramic tiles installed inside the bathroom leave behind a thin film or build up that is often invisible. That film comprises of water minerals like calcium and magnesium. Over time, these deposits become visible in the form of spots that destroy the physical appearance and dim the sparkle of the tiles. If harsh chemicals are used to prevent it, the tiles will have to suffer.


The hard water spots on the tile flooring can be loosened and removed by vinegar or lemon juices that are both acidic in nature. Following are the instructions you should follow while employing this process.

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar or lemon juice solution and target the spotted areas on the tile floors and walls.

Leave the cleaning solution for around 15 minutes.

Grab a brush with soft bristles and scrub the stains away with it.

In the end, rinse the tile flooring and walls thoroughly. 

3. Grout Discoloration and Staining

The grout is picked up for giving a finishing look to the tiles and ensures their proper installation. The state in which the grout is affects the appearance of the tile.

When the grout becomes old, the water, dirt, soap scum, calcium and the lime deposits in the hard water, and other contaminants cause its discoloration. It may develop ugly blotches. This makes your previously sparkling tile floors a messy and unappealing sight.


Method # 1

Grout sealers are available in the market. These sealers make the grout look fresh and new.

Method # 2

A powerful mixture prepared by using the bleach paste and soda bicarbonate helps in regaining the color of the tiles and grout. The bleach, being a disinfectant, will whiten the tiles and bring the grout back from the discoloration state to its original tone.

Spray the mixture on the tiles.

Leave it for about one hour.

Scrub the tiles with a green scrubby and then wash them off.

4. Soap Residue

Even when you frequently clean the bathroom, soap scum does develop from time to time when you shower. Using conventional soap or detergent with water isn’t an ideal solution and will only leave you disappointed. The soap residue slowly builds up and ruins the overall look of the tile flooring.


Method # 1

Using a commercial cleaner that penetrates the thick soap scum and helps in getting it off the tiles will be the easiest and quickest solution.

Apply a generous coat of cleaner on the tile flooring as instructed by the manufacturer.

Leave it for 3 to 5 minutes so that it can cut through the soap scum.

Grab a sponge that is non-abrasive so it won’t scratch the tiles. Wet the sponge using warm water before wiping the soap scum with it. If the sponge won’t work that effectively, a brush with soft bristles can also be used for scrubbing the tiles.

Rinse the tile flooring and walls with warm water.

Use a dry cloth to soak up the excessive moisture.


Around the house, other than the kitchen, bathroom cleaning consumes a lot of your precious time. It’s no wonder why. This most frequently visited place accumulates a lot of moisture over time. Combined with poor ventilation, this moisture causes a lot of problems and spoils the overall look and feel of your clean, sparkling tiles. The soap and detergents residue and contaminants with time gather up on the tiles in the form of thin coating or stains and present a disgusting picture.

To tackle this problem and regain the lost shine and nice appearance of the tiles, try one of the mentioned methods on how to clean the tile floors. Most of the listed remedies are homemade and won’t cost much either.


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