How to Clean Dog Hair from the Bed

‘Dogs aren’t allowed’- Even if you hang that sign in big, bold letters outside the bedroom to remind yourself, you end up forgetting most of the times. No one can resist the puppy eyes of those giant or small fur-balls silently asking to be invited in. Even when the dog isn’t allowed on the bed but in the room, your sheets and comforter surely will have some fur that needs to be taken care of. Now the most important question you should be asking is how to clean the dog hair from the bed.

​The fact is that Hair, Hair, Everywhere

Majority of us always have a desire to keep our friends close, our pets closer. We enjoy cuddling up to these bundles of joy. So, even when most of the times we stay strict about the ‘No pets on the bed’ rule, there might be some instances where we allow them to share the bed with us. They are just too adorable.

As much as it’s nice to have a pet as your cuddling buddy,  spotting dog hair on the sheets, pillowcases or the blanket can be very frustrating. Even sometimes when the dog isn’t allowed in the bedroom, the hair still winds up on the mattress, clothes, and other furniture items. That’s because the pet hair in the living room or any other room floats around the house and ends up clinging to the bedding.

How to Tackle the Issue with hair on everywhere?

So, what should be done then? Some might be so annoyed with the problem that they stop keeping pets. However, the true pet lovers never do that. They learn to accept dog hair as a part of their life. But this compromise they do for their Alaskan malamute or German shepherd doesn’t mean the hair won’t toy with their sanity. Therefore, some measures should be taken to cope with the pet hair on different surfaces so that the sanity of the pet owner can be preserved.

What is the preventative Measures?

Prevention is always considered better than cure. Similar is the case with the dog hair. If you manage to prevent the hair from getting on the upholstery, bedding, and other objects, you won’t have to worry about removing them.

1. Have a Different Sheet for the Dog

Dogs shed. It’s unavoidable. Still, if you want to have your dog next to you even in bed grab an extra sheet and spread it on the bed for just your beloved dog. That extra sheet can be then more frequently washed and you won’t have to worry about getting hair on the fancy bedding.

2. Regularly Brush the Pet Hair

To minimize the quantity of hair that the dog sheds, brush the dog fur regularly out in the garden. Brushing will help to remove any loose hair, keep the dog hair soft and eliminate tangles. For brushing, use the best dog brush that will be appropriate for your pet.

3. Healthy Diet for the Dog

Never purchase cheap dog food having fillers like corn and grains that are hard to digest. That might worse the shedding process. Always provide healthy, quality dog food rich with meat nutrients and digestible proteins that reduce excessive shedding. Also, additional supplements should be given, like coconut oil, olive oil etc.

4. Keep the Dog Hydrated

Less consumption of fresh, clean water dries the skin of your pet and cause excessive shedding. If the dog has enough clean water, it will solve the shedding problem to a major extent.

5. Control Allergies and Fleas

If any itchy spots or red bumps are noticed on the dog’s skin or if the dog is scratching without interruption, immediately take your pet to the vet for treatment. These are the signs of allergies and required quick treatment; otherwise, they cause the hair to fall out.    

How to Clean the Dog Hair from Bed?

In the above section, we discussed few of the many ways to prevent pet hair from getting on the bed. Now, let’s move onto discussing how to clean the dog hair from the bed.

1. The Soaked Palm Method

Dip your palm in the bowl of water to soak it. Then run your hand on the sheet stretched on the bed or pillowcases in a downward motion. The dog hair will stick to your damp hand and hence will be removed since the wet hair are heavier and no longer float in the air. Instead of palm, a damp sponge can be used in the same manner.

2.  The Sellotape Method

Another cheap method for eliminating the dog hair clinging to your bedding is using the sellotape. Take some sellotape and just wrap it around your hand making sure that the sticky part or the adhesive part is sticking out. Tap the fur-covered surfaces with it and consequently, the hair will stick to the tape.

3. The Inflated Balloon Method

Rub an inflated balloon across the surface having pet hair. The hair will be attracted to the balloon surface due to the presence of static charge on it. Later, the hair can be collected and the balloon can be used again for picking up more pet hair.

4. The Fabric Softener Method

A mixture of water and fabric softener when lightly sprayed on the sheets and blankets helps in getting rid of the pet hair. The fabric softener helps in loosening up the hair sticking to the cloth. Let it dry and then wipe the area off with a brush.

5. The Portable Vacuum Cleaner Method

Tossing the sheets and pillowcases covered in pet hair straight into the washing machine will transfer the hair onto other clothes. Therefore, before putting them in the laundry, run a vacuum cleaner attachment designed for pet hair removal on the sheets when they are still spread on the bed. Then take the sheets outside to give them a good shake before washing them. It's easy to pickup one from list of top best vacuum for pet hair in our recommendation for saving but be the best quality in the price range.


Dogs are adored by their owners. These four-legged companions bring happiness to the house residents by doing different fun tricks. These balls of fur need attention and like to follow you around the house. But witnessing dog hair sticking to different surfaces in the house can be very irritating.

For dogs, shedding hair is a natural process that can’t be stopped. However, using the preventative methods, excessive shedding can be reduced. For the already fallen out hair, a more head-on approach is required. To ease your troubles on the subject of how to clean the dog hair, we have suggested different methods. You can try one of them and eliminate the pet hair from the house.

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