Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

Almost 100 years ago, Hoover began to launch its versatile products in the market. Even today, the quality machines produced by this company are just as popular as before, giving a good competition to other vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies. Several commercial devices for vacuuming purposes have been developed by Hoover that has earned a permanent place in the users’ hearts and homes. One such product is Hoover CH30000 PortaPower lightweight commercial canister vacuum.

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

Hoover’s efficient PortaPower vacuum cleaner, a beautifully designed machine, is appropriate for the users cleaning their homes and workspaces regularly. This lightweight device isn’t difficult to operate. The user-friendly features allow a hassle-free use. The unit can get around the items in its path and ensures efficient completion of any cleaning task thrown its way.

Not just for houses but this commercial vacuums, one of the best commercial vacuums, is absolutely suitable for small businesses like performing cleaning jobs at stores, motels, and restaurants. The insides of cars and other vehicles can also be cleaned using this particular unit. This unit could be a great addition to the arsenal of home appliances. For small to medium-sized jobs and even certain complicated tasks, this unit works quite well.


This small household vacuum cleaner is equally useful for cleaning the rooms inside the house as well as the vehicles parked in the garage. For thorough cleaning, the manufacturers have constructed a good design and have added features that have made this machine one of the appealing ones on the market and one of the best vacuum cleaners for under $200.

Weight and Dimensions: Hoover CH30000 PortaPower ​commercial canister vacuum weighs around 8.3 pounds. The product is compact with dimensions are 20.9 x 7.8 x 12.5 inches.

Motor Power: The 7.4-ampere motor is installed inside the unit. This motor has peak power of 2.2 horsepower.

Cord Length: A long power cord of 33 feet is included for simplifying the cleaning jobs.

Bagged: The unit is a bagged one (see other bagged vacuum cleaners) lacking a dirt cup and uses a 3-layered reusable cloth bag with paper option to gather dust, dirt and irritants.

Hose: To ensure that the user reaches into areas freely, a stretch-hose made from ABS plastic and having a cleaning path of 12 inches is there.

Built-in blower: The inclusion of the blower has added versatility.

Attachments: For thorough cleaning of different horizontal and vertical surfaces, the unit comes with a number of attachments. They are

  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Furniture nozzle
  • Rug/floor nozzle
  • wall/floor brush
  • A shoulder strap
  • A storage strap
  • Two chrome steel wands

Warranty: The unit comes with a two-year warranty on its parts.

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum


Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum cleaner having a compact and lightweight design performs quite well. The unit is designed such that handling it won’t require much effort and cleaning surfaces with it would be an easy-to-do job. Whether one wants to vacuum the rooms inside the house, office rooms, storefront or lobby etc, this unit conveniently does its job.

1. Easy to Carry and Handle

Operating this unit doesn’t require hours of practice or great effort. The product is compact and extremely lightweight in comparison with many others. For ultimate portability, a padded shoulder strap comes inside the box so one can sling the device around the shoulders. This makes the process of vacuuming simple and straightforward.

2. Effectively Clean Narrow Spaces

Narrow, tight and inaccessible areas around the house are super complex to clean especially when the vacuum isn’t designed for this specific purpose or doesn’t have the right kind of accessories to do the job. However, this vacuum cleaner includes attachments to ease this task and provides efficient cleaning.

3. Multipurpose Cleaning

For cleaning a wide range of surfaces, whether it’s scraping off the cobwebs or dust sticking to the walls, dusting the inside of the vehicle or cabinets or removing debris from the floors, this product handles it all conveniently.

Cleaning expensive, delicate rugs can sometimes cause a great deal of damage to the fibers if not done carefully. This product is a great choice since it sucks the contaminants gently. The blower feature adds to its functionality and works nicely for patios and sidewalks. 

4. Long Power Cord 

The long power cord is quite useful for picking up the unwanted dirt and debris without having to look for sockets and replug the device several times.


Hoover CH30000 ​commercial canister vacuum cleaner has managed to satisfy majority of its users with its function. However, there are few negative points about this product.

1. Suction isn’t that Strong

When used on hardwood floors, the effectiveness of this unit considerably decreases and it doesn’t get the dirt off the floors. In the case of thick carpet, the dirt remains embedded on the fibers and becomes a reason for many health issues​.

2. No Storage Space for Attachments

It has already been stated that this machine is accompanied by a number of useful accessories. However, no storage space is provided on the main unit for keeping them. These attachments have to be kept separately where they gather dust.

3. No Swivel Mechanism for Power Cord

The 33 feet long power cord lacks swivel mechanism. It might be very inconvenient on occasions when it gets tangled up while the cleaner is running.

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If a person is looking for an afoordable unit that can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces and places, Hoover CH30000 PortaPower lightweight ​canister vacuum cleaner might be the best choice available. This machine is lightweight, compact and easy to carry around the house. Operating it and cleaning with it aren’t complex tasks.

Whether it’s a home, a restaurant, a motel or commercial building, it comes handy almost everywhere. However, if your intention is to use it solely for carpets or hardwood floors, you should consider buying another unit at the post best vacuum for hardwood floors.

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