How to Choose the Best from Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

If one is hoping for a magical disappearance of all the dirt and dust from the house without much struggle and spending money, achieving it is beyond the bounds of possibility. Though, an intelligent selection of a vacuum cleaner from ​the types of vacuum cleaners available in the market can simplify the task of cleaning and will provide you all the necessary help in keeping the dust and dirt from settling on your belongings.

Sometimes your house appears clean and nice, bringing deep satisfaction. But when your fingers come in contact with the horizontal and vertical surfaces, tiny grains of dirt and dust will be noticed adorning the fingertips. If you want to put an end to this horrible encounter, bringing home a reliable vacuum cleaner will work for you.

What to choose and how?

Knowing about your exact requirements is essential if you don’t want to face disappointment. Often, it happens that the purchase isn’t worth the criticism but it doesn’t match the needs. Hence, it will leave you unhappy. In this article, all significant information will be provided regarding different types of vacuum cleaners so you can distinguish easily between them.

Differences between Different Categories of Vacuum Cleaners

In the beginning, when the vacuum cleaners were first introduced, there existed only one type i.e a bagged vacuum cleaner. With the passing time and more advancements, not only the number of products has been increased but also their types.

​Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Also termed as the traditional vacuum cleaner, bagged vacuum cleaner has been around for a long time. For the collection of unwanted, harmful tiny substances, a bag is fitted into a cloth section of the unit, which can be easily replaced once it is full.

For allergy sufferers and those who have respiratory problems, purchase of a bagged vacuum cleaner will be a better choice among different types of vacuum cleaners. The bag usage eliminates the chance of the debris and dust escaping back into the air. These devices are known to be very hygienic and require less maintenance.

Drawbacks: Like every product, bagged vacuum cleaners aren’t perfect. They do have their set of drawbacks. The major disadvantage of bagged cleaners is that their performance decreases as the bag fills.

​Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners have two major types- cyclonic and filtered.

Cyclonic: These vacuum cleaners are generally more efficient. The cyclonic action is used to remove dirt from the air. It is then trapped in the canister. 

Filtered: These bagless vacuum cleaners have a filter located inside the dust canister. The filter captures the dust and dirt and leaves the air fresh and clean.

The use of bagless units saves the running costs since filters aren’t replaced as frequently as bags. Their working isn’t affected when the level of debris increases in the canister. The chamber for dirt collection lasts for a long time before it has to be replaced. Another advantage is the clear chamber so it is easy to see how much dirt is gathered inside it and when it is the time to empty the canister.

Drawbacks: While emptying the chamber full of dirt, there is a high risk of getting exposed to dust and allergens inside it.

Bagged and bagless are the two major divisions of vacuum cleaners. Mentioned-below is the list of different types of vacuum cleaners that can either be bagged, bagless or both.

​Upright Models

Upright vacuum cleaners are powerful, sought-after machines in which the motor and suction head are located in the same chamber. These vertical devices have to be pushed around by the user to get rid of contaminants. The cleaning path in uprights is usually wide. This makes them quicker. In comparison with other types, upright models are quite heavy.

If your model doesn’t come with a hose, reaching small spaces and narrow spots can be very difficult. Uprights are great for thick carpets and rugs. The undesirable particles are sucked into the unit with the assistance of accessories supplied. They are easy to use.  

​Stick Models

The pricey machines with bulky designs often fail in sucking dirt from narrow spaces and areas under furniture. Therefore, a large size of the model can sometimes be a major setback. In such cases, the product will let you down. For reaching the hard to reach places, the handheld stick vacuum cleaners can be very handy.

These sleek, slim devices are the best for quick cleaning. They have no cord and bags to restrict their movement. These devices are light when compared with different types of vacuum cleaners. Their slender design allows you to store them easily and move them around without much struggle. Though, these cheap units aren’t as powerful and effective as big models. 

​Canister Models

Featuring the slender frame of stick vacuum cleaner and power of an upright model, canister vacuums are becoming popular despite being expensive. In such machines, a long wand has a cleaning nozzle attached to it. A hose is linking the wand to the vacuum unit. The unit has wheels so the user can easily drag it around the house.

These models are more powerful than upright ones, having great suction power and better flow-rate. With these devices, cleaning is faster and better. They are light and easily maneuverable. These easy-to-operate products are more silent and improve the house atmosphere by performing their function efficiently. 

​Robotic or Autonomous Models

Not interested in doing the house chore as boring as cleaning or you are too busy to squeeze this activity into your tight schedule? Having an impressive looking robotic model will get this task done for you. After switching them on, they require very little effort on your end. 

These autonomous models have different cleaning approaches. Some come with remote controls; others have built-in cameras or smart sensor technology leaving surfaces squeaky clean. These models save time, energy. But the best efficient models may cost you an arm and leg.


Buying a vacuum cleaner is no easy chore. The task is quite complex judging from the varieties available. Different types of vacuum cleaners come with an assortment of features and pros and cons associated with them. If you manage to bring home the right model that meets all your requirements, it will turn out to be a good investment that will pay off for years. Grabbing the first thing that you see can lead to worse consequences like loss of time, energy and money. So, be very careful what you buy and do your homework before making the purchase.

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