Bissell Crosswave vs Bissell Symphony

Bissell Crosswave vs Bissell Symphony?

Vacuum cleaners only tackle dry messes: That sentence is a myth that has been circulating among the groups of naive people. This thought is absolutely ridiculous. It’s not the case. Messes, dry or wet, can be easily dealt with using a vacuum cleaner. But one thing should be kept in mind. One can’t use the device meant for dry messes to clean the wet ones. Instead, there are units manufactured especially for this purpose.

We should be thanking the manufacturers for coming up with this wonderful idea.  Sure, earlier, when there were no vacuum cleaners for taking care of spilled drinks, there was no choice but to mop. Of course, the traditional mopping method is still applicable but it involves wasting time and energy. A good investment in the vacuum cleaner purchase can be made to make life simple and easier.

Bissell Symphony

Bissell Symphony

​Bissell Symphony

You want to label Bissell Symphony with a name? Give it a title that best suited it? Then go for ‘all in one pet vacuum and steam mop’. This label does Bissell Symphony justice because this single device combines two technologies into one. Whether it is the dust and dirt layers on the floor or the spilled juice or water, Bissell Symphony cleans it all. With ease, it vacuums all kinds of floors like tile floors, hardwood floors, laminate, and stone etc. The suction power is pretty good and so is the design.​

Bissell Crosswave

Bissell Crosswave

Crosswave, like Bissell Symphony, features dual functionality. It not only works as a vacuum cleaner but a mop too. However, one of the main things that set it apart from the Symphony is its mop feature. This unit isn’t a steam mop and vacuum combo. Instead, it’s more like a wet mop and vacuum combo. I hope this difference must be clear by now. But for our readers’ convenience, this aspect of the cleaner will be elaborated later. Due to this property, it is equally suitable on carpeted and non-carpeted floors.

Symphony or Crosswave: What to choose?

The general introduction of the two products must have stirred curiosity inside most of you. Isn’t that right? Well, it's understandable.  You all must be wondering what should you choose? Which vacuum and mop cleaner combo you need to go for? Which product takes the crown and becomes the king?

How about we compare their features, the properties, and functionalities they have and make the final decision.

1. Design and Color Scheme

When it comes to physical appearance and design, both Bissell models are quite similar. But there still exist some differences. At first glance, you can see that Symphony is blue and gray in color. On its handle, there are power/cleaning mode buttons. Down the body, there is a dirt canister that holds only dry dirt and debris with no moisture.

Crosswave is similar in design but different in color. Its outer body is colored with lime green and gray colors. Like Symphony, the handle of the unit house the function buttons. Moving down the handle, there is a dirt canister located in the middle of the device. It is meant for dry and wet debris.

Emptying the dirt cup of Symphony is easier than Crosswave since it doesn’t house any wet dirt and debris.

2. Cleaning Head

Symphony’s cleaning head isn’t like a traditional vacuum cleaner. It is more like a steam mop but there exists a similarity with the vacuum cleaner head as well. There is a cleaning pad at the back half of the device head meant for steam mopping. The front half is left open for vacuuming purposes.

The Crosswave cleaning head isn’t like Symphony. The device works like an ordinary wet mop and a vacuum. Therefore, the head looks similar to that of a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush roll. The brush roll allows the user to mop the floors with water and a cleaning solution.

3. Surface Types

Bissell Symphony can be used on all kinds of hard indoor floors. Whether it is tile flooring, linoleum, stone, and laminate etc, Symphony works on all and effectively picks dirt, debris, and sanitizes the flooring.

Crosswave, however, provides the user with options due to the addition of a brush roll. It eliminates the need of using a different cleaner for carpeted and non-carpeted floors. Crosswave takes care of hard floors as well as area rugs and carpets.

4. Maneuverability

Weighing around 10.1 pounds, Symphony is easy to move from room to room for cleaning purposes. The device isn’t cordless and has a 25 feet cord attached to it. The average cord length minimizes the chances of unplugging and replugging the device in different power sockets for cleaning purposes.

Crosswave like Symphony is cordless. It’s a tad bit heavier than Symphony having the weight of 11 pounds. Therefore, in comparison, it’s a bit difficult to move from place to place. The cord length is same as Symphony i.e. 25 feet.

5. Filters

When it comes to filtration, Symphony has two built-in filters that capture the dirt and debris and prevent them from escaping. First one is a vacuum filter. You can remove it, clean it by dusting it off, and then again put into the main unit where it efficiently performs its duties. The next one is a water filter that is very simple to maintain. This filter has tiny green grains that turn blue when it is time to replace it.

Crosswave has only one filter that is removable and washable. It does require periodic replacements. For any vacuum cleaner, keeping the filters maintained is essential.


By now, you must have already learned a lot about Bissell Symphony and Bissell Crosswave. These two innovative cleaners perform effectively and efficiently. However, which one should be chosen depends on the requirements you have and the money you are willing to spend.

Bissell Symphony is a well-rounded machine that not only vacuums your floors but also sanitizes them through steam mopping. The device is less expensive when compared to Crosswave and allows you to save few a bucks while providing a great experience. As for Crosswave, it has a great cleaning performance on hard floors as well as area rugs. The unit is a bit expensive but if you are willing to spend a few extra dollars, this great performer eliminates your worries.

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