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How to Clean Dog Hair from the Bed

‘Dogs aren’t allowed’- Even if you hang that sign in big, bold letters outside the bedroom to remind yourself, you end up forgetting most of the times. No one can resist the puppy eyes of those giant or small fur-balls silently asking to be invited in. Even when the dog isn’t allowed on the bed […]

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How to Clean the Carpets to Avoid Allergies

​Several thoughts cross our minds throughout the day centered on different subjects. But have you ever visited the idea that what your precious, nice looking carpet might be hiding in its soft, long fibers that no longer appear shiny? No? Then think about it. Overtime carpets become a permanent home for dust, dirt, bacteria and […]

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How to Effectively Clean the Floor Mats

​Vases with intricate designs, glowing multi-colored balls, or beautifully made photo frames serve no beneficial purpose. You won’t get any output from such decorative items since the entire reason for their existence is to look pretty. However, floor mats with attractive patterns not only add beauty to the place but do a lot more than […]

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