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7 Tips on Maintaining Vacuum Cleaners

​ Vacuum cleaners have become an essential house cleaning appliance. Without them, you’ll be left with traditional ways of cleaning the house like dusting with dusters and sweeping with brooms. But those days are gone now. Today people care more about convenience and their ease. However, it’s not all about getting advantage from these devices. […]

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How to Deep Clean the Tile Flooring

​For any home, tile flooring is a lovely flooring style. There are many different patterns and colors available for choosing. However, tile installation comes with a price. Cleaning tiles is a chore that is difficult to get right. Streaked and grimy grout presents a horrible sight. But with right kind of tools and the techniques […]

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How to Keep the Tile Floors from Sweating

​Who wouldn’t want to give their house an instant ‘wow’ factor? We all want the visitors to have their eyes widened with awe when they appear at our homes. Tiles do that for us. The wonderful, long-lasting tiles with stunning patterns covering the floors, walls, and other areas of the house present a beautiful picture. […]

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How to Clean the Bathroom Tiles Effectively

​One of the least favorite activities of the people around the house is cleaning the bathroom. Since, the place is frequently visited, maintaining its cleanliness can be quite a chore. But if the bathroom isn’t properly cleaned, if the porcelain and ceramics tile covering the floor and walls aren’t paid much attention to, the area […]

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How to Clean Dog Hair from the Bed

‘Dogs aren’t allowed’- Even if you hang that sign in big, bold letters outside the bedroom to remind yourself, you end up forgetting most of the times. No one can resist the puppy eyes of those giant or small fur-balls silently asking to be invited in. Even when the dog isn’t allowed on the bed […]

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How to Clean the Carpets to Avoid Allergies

​Several thoughts cross our minds throughout the day centered on different subjects. But have you ever visited the idea that what your precious, nice looking carpet might be hiding in its soft, long fibers that no longer appear shiny? No? Then think about it. Overtime carpets become a permanent home for dust, dirt, bacteria and […]

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