Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet 2020

Carpets add to the beauty of the home and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. But for maintaining their appearance, regular vacuuming and cleaning is a necessity that can’t be neglected. The carpets covering the house floors can become pretty dirty. They harbor dust, pet hair, soil and provide a permanent home to many harmful microorganisms. Hence, for cleaning these surfaces purchasing the best vacuum cleaner for carpet is also a necessity.

Carpets- A Home for Dust, Dirt, and Allergens

For covering the bare floors, carpets often composed of wool or synthetic fibers like polypropylene, polyester or nylon etc are used in many homes. These floor-covering objects accumulate dust and dirt over time. Many allergens like dust mites and mold spores establish their ever-growing colonies and refuse to leave. The mentioned substances not only shorten the lifespan of the carpet, but they are also hazardous, negatively affecting the health of the residents. 

Significance of Vacuuming the Carpets

Carpet vacuuming is no easy chore. It can be a tiring task that consumes a lot of effort, physical strength and time if the proper vacuuming device isn’t used.

Just thinking about the effort one has to apply in the process of vacuuming, people often refrain from vacuuming their carpets regularly. They prefer it untouched for weeks rather than investing their precious energy and limited time every day. Those house owners who do spend their time indulged in this particular task sometimes do it incorrectly. This leaves the carpet with trapped dust and happily living microorganisms.

Why vacuum the carpet?

1. To extend the carpet’s life: Carpets are mostly expensive objects that require attention and care. All necessary precautions and measures should be taken to preserve their appearance and to prevent their damage. For extended life of a carpet, it has to be vacuumed regularly with the best carpet vacuums.

 2. To maintain your and your family’s health: If left unattended, the trapped debris and flourishing irritants sticking to the carpet’s fiber lead to the development of various health issues inside a human body. Bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms adversely affect the healthy state of all the occupants of the house especially toddlers and people of old age. To establish clean and allergen-free environment, vacuuming is as essential as water is to life(best ​vacuum cleaner for allergies).

3. To eliminating bad odors: Nasty odors make the house an extremely unpleasant place to live. This not only becomes a reason for the inconvenience for the residents of the house but also for the guests who visit their place occasionally. Sometimes, these odors are generated from the carpets that contain tiny rotting food particles and also bacteria and other microorganisms. With time, these odors develop into disgusting smells. Vacuuming the house will help you in this regard.

4. To prevent allergies: Vacuuming the carpets often sucks out a majority of the irritants taking refuge in the fibers. If these substances aren’t eliminated, they will become airborne every time a person walks on the carpet. If you have children, ​carpet is extremely need to be take care and find out how to prevention allergies and asthma​

These freely moving particles can be easily inhaled during breathing and become a major problem for people who are sensitive to allergens. These minute substances are responsible for stirring allergic reactions inside a human body. Sometimes these reactions can be severe to the point that it leads to breathing problems like asthma.​

Importance of Vacuuming before Cleaning Carpets

When the carpet is about to be cleaned with commercial detergent, it is important to vacuum prior to cleaning. Thorough vacuuming is essential because it causes the fibers of the carpet to lift up into a position that easily removes dirt from it and allow better coverage for cleaning agents like detergents. Consequently, these detergents can be absorbed easily by the fibers and clean them effectively.

If vacuuming is ignored and detergents are directly used, the dirt wets down and clings to the surface. In some people’s opinion, vacuuming after cleaning is considered a great idea. But their assumption is wrong. Since the wet debris can sometimes clog the filter of even the best vacuum cleaner for carpets and cause complications. So, using a vacuuming device afterward isn’t a good practice either.

Common Mistakes while Vacuuming the Carpets and How to Avoid Them

The bare, sometimes even unattractive, house floors are hidden behind a layer of a carpet of varying thickness. These attractive layers add beauty and personality to the rooms creating a sight that captures anyone’s attention.

Though cleaning these warm carpeted floors can be tormenting. However, vacuuming is considered to be a very effective method for it. Yet, a physical struggle is required and time is consumed but with a wrong technique, the output might still be zero.

Therefore, adopting the right way to clean is as important as purchasing the right kind of device. There are some mistakes that many of us make while vacuuming the carpets. Some common mistakes are mentioned below.

Not Choosing the Right Kind of Cleaner:

Not every other machine that is categorized as a vacuum cleaner can remove the dirt and debris from the carpet. Devices for this purpose must include different head attachments so that right level of suction is available for the carpets. If the cleaner lacks these accessories, it won’t work well for the carpets.

Vacuuming only in one direction:

Vacuuming only in one direction noticeably decreases the output that a person can achieve from their vacuum device since every last bit of the dirt can’t be caught inside the dirt chamber of the cleaner. To ensure that maximum benefit is received, always clean in all directions i.e. east, west, north, and south.

Vacuuming with filled vacuum bags:

One of the many reasons that lower the efficiency level of the bagged vacuum cleaner is using it when the dirtbag is already half-filled or completely filled. It is always recommended to empty the bag ​when it’s halfway filled before gathering more dirt and debris inside it.

The pace is too fast:

The fast pace hinders the progress of a cleaner. When it’s too quick, it sucks less. A steady and slow pace of a cleaner as it moves across the carpeted floor guarantees more dust and dirt collection. Moving back and forth slowly on the surface ensures that every mess gets inside the dirt chamber and a clean surface is left behind. Going too strong on the delicate fibers might also cause irreversible damage in some cases.

Not using the height adjustment feature:

From hardwood to carpets, not the same height can be used(best vacuum ​cleaners for hardwood floors). But some people don’t really care about it. Due to lack of proper knowledge about how to enhance the effectiveness, some people don’t adjust the height of their vacuum system and complain later about the unit’s performance.

Height adjustment is another important factor that everyone should pay attention to. Applying the appropriate adjustment for surfaces makes a huge difference in cleaning up the messes.

Top 5 best vacuum cleaners for carpet in our recommendations

Vacuum cleaners aid in quick and thorough cleaning. In this section, some of the best carpet vacuum cleaners​ are suggested that are worth purchasing.

​Product Name


​Our Rating


1. Upright Vacuum Kenmore Elite 31150



​2. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner



​3. Eufy RoboVac 11+ Self-charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



​4. Dirt Devil Razar Upright Vacuum Cleaner UD70355B



​5. VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner



1. Upright Vacuum Kenmore Elite 31150

​Our Rating


  • ​Exclusive Power Flow Technology
  • ​HEPA-certified filter
  • ​5 height adjustments for optimal airflow
  • ​Dusting Brush functionality
  • Easy to empty bin
  • 2-motor system


  • ​A little noisy operation
  • ​A little big and heavy
  • 1 color Silver

​Unlike other vacuum cleaners with which one has to go through multiple passes to clean the surface, Upright Vacuum Kenmore Elite 31150 is bagged vacuum cleaner which is equipped with the exclusive Power Flow Technology which support to clean surfaces deeply to ensures that no suction loosed or debris is left behind.. The cleaner comes with 2 powerful motor systems which give you 20% more air power and support to remove stubborn dirt and includes washable filters for easy cleaning.

This upright vacuum can support to clean from carpet to hardwood floors, by adjusting the high from level 1 to level 5 for optimal airflow to clean the surfaces. In additional, Upright Vacuum Kenmore Elite 31150 has HEPA-certified filter to capture the maximum trapping dust, debris, pet dander, pollen and other allergens.

Plus, the unit’s dusting brush functionality enables the user to wipe off dirt and debris from delicate objects without affecting their appearance or causing any permanent damage. When it comes to easily emptying the dirt chamber, many products disappoint their users but the same can’t be said about this product. The bottom opening mechanism eliminates the risk of getting dirt on hands. This unit can save time that is spent while manually cleaning the carpets and does it quite effectively.

​2. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

​Our Rating


  • ​Powerful suction
  • ​Deep cleaning
  • ​Easily maneuverable due to ball design
  • ​Washable HEPA filter
  • ​Long Cord
  • 5-year warranty


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Ball design makes it difficult to reach under furniture
  • ​A little heavy

Dyson has managed to deliver their promise of manufacturing quality products with Dyson DC65 Animal Complete upright vacuum cleaner. In comparison with many other cleaners, it possesses great suction power that cleans better across the carpets and other types of flooring. With more brush power, the bristles can reach deeper into the fibers of the carpet and extract the dirt effectively.

The product price can put off many buyers but the wonderful features of this product keep the house owners satisfied for a very long time. Within the box, an amazing assortment of accessories is included that aids in effortless cleaning.

​3. VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

​Our Rating


  • ​Affordable
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​HEPA filtration
  • ​Versatile
  • ​Adjustable height


  • ​Power cord is short
  • ​No motorized brush
  • Attachments made of plastic can crack
  • ​Loud operation

If a person is conflicted about whether to choose a traditional upright cleaner or a handheld one, bringing home VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 vacuum system will ease the worries. This unit is affordable, lightweight and versatile that lets a user clean not only the carpets but also stair and upholstery(best vacuums for stairs). Thanks to the presence of telescopic wand, the height of the unit can be adjusted according to the requirement.

The inclusion of HEPA filter ensures that most of the irritants are trapped inside the dirt chamber. This helps in keeping a good distance from allergies. The unit is bagless so no extra cost is spent on purchasing the bags. Hence, this saves the running costs. Setting up this product is super easy and so is its storage. The easy to empty dust cup, powerful suction, and the included attachments make it a great choice for the carpets.

​4. Eufy RoboVac 11+, High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

​Our Rating


  • ​Compact design
  • ​Quiet operation
  • ​Strong suction
  • ​Battery lasts longer than other similar units
  • ​Designed to access difficult-to-reach places


  • ​The unit getting stuck in places
  • ​Misses some sections of the floor while cleaning
  • ​Not suitable for high pile carpets and dark colored floors

Keeping the carpets spotless and free of dirt is no easy job but if ​a good robotic vacuum cleaner is at disposal, one can turn this difficult job into an easy one. Instead of having to handle the cleaner like traditional ones, the user can just sit on the couch and control it with a remote. The dust box can hold a great amount of debris so it doesn’t have to be frequently emptied. 

This robot vacuum system features a drop-sense technology, preventing the chances of damage that can be caused to the unit if it falls down the stairs. For enhanced navigation, 11 infrared sensors are included that senses the presence of dirt and quickly pick it up. This unit possessed a low profile design and easily accesses the messes hidden in hard-to-reach areas.

​5. Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B Upright Vacuum Cleaner

​Our Rating


  • ​Strong suction power
  • ​Compact and lightweight
  • ​Attachments to ease the cleaning job
  • ​Three stage filtration system
  • ​Easy to empty


  • ​No HEPA filtration
  • ​Not a fully sealed system
  • ​Poor customer service
  • Cheap plastic wheels that aren’t durable

This powerful yet lightweight and easy to use and control device is included in this list due to its associated attributes. The unit is equipped with good suction and picks up the debris of almost all kinds including pet hair. This reasonably priced machine is easy to carry around the house and doesn’t give a hard time while cleaning surfaces.

The swivel head allows it to ignore all the obstructions in its path and reach the narrow spaces. The nice selection of attachments like upholstery tool, extension wand, and dusting brush etc will help in cleaning a variety of surfaces. Emptying the canister isn’t a complicated task and can be done without breaking a sweat and getting any dirt on hands.



Dirt and dust wear down the carpet fibers and affects the flexibility of the expensive carpets. These damaging agents can be the culprits behind the low lifespan of the carpets covering the floors. Employing traditional techniques like sweeping and using a mop assist in getting rid of the messes but they require more time and effort. Using vacuum cleaner is the best option for deep cleaning.

From the above-mentioned list of the best vacuum cleaner for carpets, Dyson DC65 Animal Complete upright vacuum cleaner performs hassle-free cleaning of carpets. This easy-to-maneuver, bagless ​vacuum cleaner with its long cord penetrates the carpet fibers and collects the dust and dirt in the large capacity canister. This unit might be the answer to all your cleaning troubles.

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