Top 5 Affordable and The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners 2020

​One cannot simply deny the importance that a vacuum cleaner has. When it comes to employing traditional methods for cleaning, the task will take hours. Even after using most of the physical efforts, the users are left unsatisfied. But when a vacuum cleaner comes into the picture, everything gets better and the time consumption is considerably low. Now, these cleaners come in a large variety. The upright vacuum cleaner is one of the popular types. If one has the best upright vacuum cleaner, their life might get ten times better in 2020.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

A clean home equals a healthy family. The dust and allergens swirling in the air inside the house directly affect the health of the house residents. When inhaled, these particles become the reason behind headaches, fatigue, skin and eye irritation, and other issues. Since people spent most of their time indoors whether it is in their homes, offices, schools etc, the need is to eliminate these pollutants from the indoor air to prevent any health issues.

Most of the times these airborne harmful contaminants end up on the flooring thanks to the phenomenon of gravity. Traditional methods might not be that beneficial for their removal. So, after sweeping and mopping, when the fingers gently run across the surfaces around the house, dust gathers on the fingertips leaving the person frustrated. This is where upright vacuum cleaner comes into play.

What is Upright Vacuum Cleaners?

Commonwealth countries, well most of them, are familiar with what an upright vacuum cleaner is. In such cleaners, a cleaning head is one of the main structure onto which a handle for controlling the cleaner is attached.  A bag or dirt chamber for collecting unwanted particles of dirt and dust is also fixed on the head. For carpet cleaning and getting the dirt off different surfaces, these upright units are accompanied with a beater bar or rotating brush.

These units are efficient and effective. And if one succeeds in getting an upright vacuuming system that fulfills are the requirements of the best upright vacuum cleaners, the task of cleaning would no longer be a wearing and boring chore. But before discussing all the significant properties of such a device, let’s get familiar with the types of upright cleaners.

1. Direct-fan Cleaners:

Why these machines gained this name is due to the presence of a fan near the suction opening. Now when the dirt and debris are pulled into the cleaner through the opening with the help of the fan it is blown inside the dirt-bag. For cooling the motor, a separate fan is installed. Cleaning the floors is very efficient with such type. However, during above floor cleaning, the efficiency is relatively low. The majority of the commercial vacuuming systems are the direct-fan type.

2.   Fan-bypass Cleaners:

In such cleaners after the filter bag, there is a motor that has a small fan to cool it down. These machines remove the dirt using the filter bag before passing the clean air through the fan. These units are reserved mostly for domestic cleaning.

What are Properties of Upright Cleaners?

According to the manufacturers’ claim such as Nilfisk, Bissell,Hoover,...  uprights can be used by literally anyone. These units need not be carried up in the arms or lifted in the hands physically to perform the cleaning chores like handheld units. Therefore, they are slightly larger in size. The wheels are installed on the unit for dragging it on the house floors to remove the messes.

There are certain factors one needs to consider, the choices people have to make, and money they have to invest when intending to purchase an upright model.

1. Bagless Vs Bagged:

Most of the upright cleaners are bagged, containing dirt chambers for gathering the sucked in dirt and debris. This eliminates the cost of bag replacement after the period of a month or few months. This makes the bagless upright units cost effective.

The bagged counterparts possess more capacity and there won’t be a need of frequently emptying the dirt chambers. Some bags are completely sealed minimizing the chance of dust particles escaping back into the air. This maintains a clean atmosphere around the house.

2. Maneuverability:

Almost everyone seeks the maneuverability feature in the vacuuming system when they decide to buy one. If the product is easy to steer, the task of picking up dirt from the carpeted or bare floors, the narrow and dark spaces, and hard to access areas wouldn’t be tiring and time-consuming.

3. Weight:

If the machine used for cleaning is heavy, working with it will exhaust the person completely. The weight of the upright vacuum cleaner is from 1 kg to 9.5 kg. The best upright vacuum cleaner for the buyer can weigh anywhere in between that range solely depending on the needs of the users. If the intention is to clean the stairs, carrying a heavier model around won’t be an easy job. In such cases, lighter models with attachments will work better. So, opt for one that suits best to the requirements.

4. Capacity:

The dirt cups installed inside the bagless vacuum cleaners can have various sizes and capacities. The capacity of this dirt collecting cup is measured in liters. If the capacity is large, one won’t have to empty the dust container after every few minutes. Such machines are ideal for big houses with more area to clean. However, large capacity vacuum cleaners are generally bigger in size. But if the house owner’s preference is a smaller model, they should be ready to compromise on the capacity.

5. Attachments and Accessories:

A cleaner without attachments will surely give a hard time cleaning certain surfaces. Mostly, upright vacuuming devices include a range of tools in the box that eases the process of cleaning around the house. Many products include a crevice tool that makes it simple to get to the hard-to-reach areas. For cleaning furniture, upholstery tool may come in the box along with the main unit and there can be a variety of brushes for deep cleaning of carpets.

Top 5 best upright vacuum cleaners​ in our recommendation

Presence of a vacuum cleaner at home is certainly satisfying. These electronic devices make quite an impression on the house residents. The residents can notice the stark difference between the results they get from the cleaner in comparison with ones they get from manual cleaning. Not only do these units clean better, they also perform this task quicker than traditional methods. To achieve the benefits, one needs to think about all their needs and desires before making a purchase for the best upright vacuum cleaner.

1. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV501)

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In the ocean of home appliances and the sea of vacuum cleaners, Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV501) has managed to stand out and recognized due to its great suction, functions, the features it is accompanied with, and the reliability.

Weighing around 16-pounds, this machine is packed with power thanks to the powerful motor and the advanced cyclonic technology that keeps the dirt and debris away from the HEPA filter installed inside. It’s a bit large but equally efficient when it comes to picking up the unwanted messes.

This bagless unit includes a number of helpful accessories like crevice tool for spaces that can’t be easily accessed, a floor brush, an upholstery tool for furniture, and dusting brush. Dumping the trash isn’t a complex chore when it comes to this product. The long power cord allows a user to clean large spaces easily and provides more control. The product design isn’t much appreciated but its functions are praiseworthy. This vacuum in on top recommendation of the list of best vacuum cleaners under $200.


  • ​Durable
  • ​30-feet long power-cord
  • ​Cyclonic Technology
  • Flexible Hose
  • Washable filters
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Easy to maneuver and clean


  • ​No automatic cord rewind
  • ​Parts are built from plastic so can be easily scratched

2. Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Not everyone wishes to buy cleaners with complex and advanced features that would be heavy on the budget. For those looking for something simple, inexpensive, and efficient, Bissell has introduced Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. This device will help the residents in removing dirt and dust.

The unit is small, weighs comparatively low in comparison with other bulky ones and cleans efficiently. The suction power is great, assisted with One-Pass Technology so one needs not to run the device over the carpeted and non-carpeted floors multiple times. It does this in the initial pass. By featuring Cyclonic Technology, it is ensured that the dirt particles don’t escape and freely circulate in the air or wander on the floors.

 The beautiful, appealing design along with a 2-liter dirt bin and multi-level filtration has captured the attention of many customers. The additional tools like Turbo brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and extension wand assist in dealing with the dirt on a variety of surfaces.


  • ​Cyclonic Suction System
  • ​One-Pass Technology
  • ​Not very expensive
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Included attachments like extension wand
  • ​Multi-level filtration


  • ​Short Hose
  • ​Less effective on bare floors

3. Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum (NV42)

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One of the contenders in the run for the best upright vacuum cleaner is Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum (NV42). The product is portable and quite popular among the customers. The gain in popularity is due to its reasonable price, the strong suction, the comparatively large capacity dirt cup, and the action on the messes scattered around bare floors or carpeted ones.

The unit isn’t the lightest, weighing around 15 pounds. But the users will be ready to make this compromise on the weight if they witness the working of the powerful motor of 1200-watts that generates good current. The Cyclonic Technology reduces the chances of harmful dust particles getting into the filters. The dust is directly thrown into the dust container.

The unit lacks HEPA filtration but has built-in washable and replaceable pre-motor and post-motor filters. It includes a number of attachments like pet hair power brush which most of pet vacuum cleaners equipped, 24 inches crevice tool, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, a small crevice too of 5.5 inches, and extension wand for thorough cleaning.


  • ​Strong suction
  • ​Not very loud
  • ​Effective against pet hair
  • ​Washable filters
  • ​Easy to use and assemble
  • ​5-year warranty


  • ​Lacks HEPA filtration
  • ​The absence of Complete Seal Technology 
  • No auto-cord rewind
  • Some instances where post-motor filter cover falls off during use

4. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Sturdy bristles, strong suction, Radial Root Cyclone technology are some of the prominent properties of Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum cleaner. This upright corded vacuuming device is gifted with convenient, appealing, and technologically advanced features to aid the cleaning tasks and supplies an allergen-free air to breathe in.

Dirt, debris and harmful allergens know no boundaries. But this unit provides strong suction and the presence of self-adjusting cleaning head and the motorized brush combined with the Radial Root Cyclone technology and HEPA filtration ensure that even the microscopic dirt is sucked in and dealt with properly so it doesn’t escape back in the air.

This bagless unit with powerful motor is not only suitable for common messes but also works quite nicely and effectively against pet hairs. So, if a person is a pet lover, trying Dyson Ball with ball technology that gives the product agility, might do wonders for them.


  • ​Strong suction
  • ​Radial Root Cyclone technology
  • ​Certified HEPA filtration
  • ​5-year warranty
  • ​Easy to use and assemble


  • ​Not easy to maneuver
  • ​Fairly loud while running

5. Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner

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Tackling pet messes has never been easy. The pet hair, the skin shedded by the pet, and other pet stains sometimes even make a person want to no longer keep the pets. But with this product dealing with pet messes and preventing the allergies that might arise due to them has become easier.

For improved performance when it comes to cleaning and drying, it features two cleaning modes- Deep Clean mode and Quick Clean mode. For pulling in the embedded dirt and removing the stains, the Deep cleaning mode supplies the necessary suction power. For rapid surface cleaning, the Quick Clean mode is there to be activated. This combines with Heat-Force to dry the carpets within 45 minutes.

The tank has a large capacity of one gallon that is more than many units of the same price range. This device features an Antimicrobial Spin Scrub System that is responsible for preventing bacteria and odors that would form inside the cleaner while cleaning tough pet messes. The addition of Rinse mode is an added advantage that helps in washing the carpets.

The additional tools that this device comes with are a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a stair tool. The cord length is 20-feet that provide more control.  The unit is a bit expensive but its cleaning action is quite satisfying.


  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Effective against stains
  • ​Durable
  • ​Advanced cleaning and drying modes


  • ​A bit expensive
  • ​Can’t effectively clean under the furniture due to the large size


One can’t ignore the messes around the house, offices or any other kind of buildings. These messes demand cleaning. If not, their negative effects on the man’s health can be awful. For getting rid of the dirt, debris, and the dust decorating different surfaces around the house, if a person has the right tool, the job will become easy and simple.

 From the five best upright vacuum cleaners recommended in this article, Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner takes the cake. The advanced features that it possesses help in the deep cleaning of the carpets, pulling out the pet hair embedded stubbornly in the fibers, and getting rid of stains. It has different modes for different uses and a number of helpful attachments packed along with the main unit in the box. All in all, it is a good purchase.

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