Top 5 Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners 2020

The best robotic vacuum cleaners? Many consider that cleaning the house equals to burning the calories a person wants to shed. But the majority of the people aren’t interested in this method of calorie burning, either because they don’t have the time or they are just super lazy. In that case, their desire is to achieve the objective of a spotless house without even lifting a finger. That will only be possible if the best robot vacuum cleaner is at the home, ready to serve the house residents and make them happy in 2020.

Busy Lives and Shortage of Time for Cleaning

Since these days life has been so hectic, squeezing time for cleaning chores around the house in the busy schedule is extremely difficult. After a long day of work that fully drains one’s energy out, almost everyone prefers resting a bit rather than indulging in house cleaning.

Now, if an ordinary cleaner is in a person’s possession, dragging it across the floors or holding it in the hands while moving from room to room to pick up the dirt and dust from every nook and cranny isn’t appealing either. Even if the weekend approaches, a quality time with family and friends is clearly more relaxing and fun than the time spent with the vacuum cleaner. So, what should be done then?

Solution: Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Gone were the days when a person has to pull the hose by himself/herself towards the messy areas for cleaning them while dragging behind a canister for dirt collection. Now, better cleaning can be achieved without moving from the comfy couches. That’s what a robot vacuum cleaner does. It makes people’s lives easier.

‘Robovac’, a short name given to the ‘Robot Vacuum Cleaner’ is generally a disk-shaped, programmed device with fitted sensors. Its actions can be controlled using a remote control. The vacuuming system features a ‘self-drive’ mode that when activated, allows a cleaner to function on its own. Such machines, like upright vacuums or canister models, are gifted with characteristics to aid in cleaning like spinning brushes, mopping feature which working similar to handheld mop (learn more about best mop for floors), and ultraviolet sterilization etc. If the unit is the best robot vacuum cleaner in the market, the fascinating features it will be presented with won’t dissatisfy its customers.

History of the Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Electrolux first introduced these devices in 1996. However, they had big flaws at that time. The cleaning abilities of these cleaners weren’t developed and hence, they failed. For years, no company dared to launch a robot vacuum cleaner. But in 2002, iRobot launched the ‘Romba’ and encouraged other companies to start introducing more robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

Limitations of the Robot Vacuum Cleaners

1. The High Price:

Despite offering many benefits, these devices can’t fully replace the regular vacuum cleaners. Since these units are crazily expensive, people are less inclined to buy them. And if they have advanced features like upright and canister units, the price tag will display the figures as high as a sky.   Only those who have a large sum of money to spend and don’t desire to invest any physical effort in the house chores purchase these products.

2. Cleaning under the Furniture:

An ordinary upright or canister vacuum cleaner can easily get rid of the dust bunnies hiding under the furniture with the help of the provided attachments. However, same can’t be said about many of the robotic vacuums. Their cleaning abilities aren’t much developed when it comes to cleaning under surfaces and hence, many of them get stuck while facing minor obstructions.

3. Maintenance Costs are High:

Over time, any vacuum cleaner parts, including the robot vacuum cleaner, require replacement due to the phenomenon of wear and tear.  Now, the majority of the times the warranty of the cleaner doesn’t include the parts that are subjected to this phenomenon. So, their replacement is costly most of the times.

4. Marking Territories:

A robotic cleaner is a programmed unit that doesn’t have a brain. Of course, it is quite intelligent thanks to the sensors that detect the presence of the dirt and debris. But it isn’t smart enough to tell the difference between the stairs, areas with cables and the wet bathroom tiles. For efficient working and preventing any damage, such territories need to be marked out.

5. Recharging and Scheduling Features:

If one has opted for a cleaner that needs to be charged manually, recharging it will be a pain. There are units that come with a charging station but for purchasing them one needs to spend more cash(best battery vacuum cleaners). Similarly, these devices can be scheduled in advance. However, the ones with advanced scheduling features are far more expensive than the ordinary ones.

Advantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The advantages that the best robot vacuum cleaners have to offer are listed below.

1. Saves Time:

Time is a precious possession. It has been described as valuable as money and hence, saving it will be equal to saving money. In homes, especially larger ones, cleaning demands a lot of time and to save it, this electronic, automatic device will be perfect. It doesn’t need human supervision and can work on its own controlled by a remote or some predefined or scheduled settings.

2. Extremely Helpful for People with Disabilities:

For people with mobility issues, this automatic vacuuming system works as a great support. Instead of paying for housekeeping services after every few days or weeks, one can just purchase this machine and control its functioning while staying on the bed or couch. They can also schedule the cleaning tasks. Alternative you might want to check the best steam cleaners.

3. Advanced Technologies:

New and advanced technologies are now introduced in such cleaners that allow these units to detect the change in surfaces and hence, adjust their settings accordingly. There are powerful sensors easily detecting the messes even under furniture and wipe them out. In newer, more expensive models the cleaner automatically turns around when there are steps, a wall or any other obstacle that can break it.

4. Automatic Recharging:

These cleaners can automatically charge themselves. Place their charging station somewhere safe. When the robot vacuum starts running out of battery, it returns to its station for recharging.

5. Possible to Clean Home when Away from Home:

If a person is immersed in piles of paperwork at an office or just outside at some diner, by using the mobile wifi one can put the robotic cleaner to work but make sure there are no obtrusive items on the floor.

Top 5 best robot vacuum cleaners in our recommendations:

​Product Name


​Our Rating


1. Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



​2. ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



​3. Eufy RoboVac 11 Vacuum Cleaner



​4. Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum Cleaner (RV720)



​5. MOOKA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



1. Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

​Our Rating

A tiring cleaning day can be made effortless and productive with the Housmile vacuum cleaner. This robotic vacuum is designed such that it is easy to work with and clean. Learning its functions and how it operates isn’t a complex task.

The 3-in-1 action simultaneously sweeps and vacuums the areas along with providing advanced filtration that minimizes the probability of suffering from allergies.  This lightweight unit, weighing only around 2.6 pounds, properly cleans the hardwood, tile, and bare floors. For low pile carpets, the power of this machine doesn’t reduce either. The Lithium-Ion battery supplies fade-free power and consistent suction.

The unit has two different work modes for small and big rooms. The infrared sensors are installed for evading the hurdles in the path of the cleaner. For securing it from the damage, it is engineered with Smart Drop-Sensing technology to prevent it from falling from steps or stairs. It comes with a number of useful tools in the box.


  • ​Easy to use and clean
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Useful accessories
  • Two work modes
  • Infrared sensors
  • Smart Drop-Sensing technology


  • ​One year limited warranty
  • ​Can’t remove the messes properly in the initial pass
  • ​Doesn’t work well on high pile carpeted floors

2. ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

​Our Rating

It’s been around a decade since ILIFE has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners. ILIFE V3s Pro vacuum is another one of its quality products that have gained instant popularity when introduced into the market. This slim-designed, user-friendly, pet-friendly cleaner has features that provide a user full control over this product.

The unit weighs less, around 4.5 pounds, and hence, it isn’t bulky. Pets love it due to its design and color that isn’t too bright or huge. It includes options like obstacle sensors to prevent the small machine from hitting the obstacles. There are built-in cliff sensors that restrain it from falling off the stairs. The two charging modes, automatic and manual, provide flexibility.

A user has choices i.e. manual cleaning through remote and schedule cleaning when a person isn’t around to guide the cleaner. The dirt and debris hiding in the corners, edges of the wall or under the furniture can’t escape from its relentless attack. The dirt canister is easy to empty. The unit comes with a number of accessories that enables it to get every last speck of dirt off the floors.


  • ​Provide multiple options
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Sensors for recognizing obstacles and steps or stairs
  • ​Efficient cleaning
  • Infrared sensors


  • ​Loud
  • ​Container for the dirt collection is small
  • ​The unit gets stuck a lot

3. Eufy RoboVac 11 Vacuum Cleaner

​Our Rating

Sleek, well-protected design, versatile cleaning modes, and great suction are some of the many words that describe this product and earned it a place on the list of ​robot vacuum cleaners. This unit isn’t as light as the above-mentioned cleaners but has the characteristics that deem it worthy of attention and people’s money. With the 3-Point Cleaning System, comprising of a roller brush, two side brushes, and powerful suction, it extracts the dirt and debris effectively.

With the weight of 10 pounds, the unit is able to navigate the obstacles in its way and has the ability to climb over uneven flooring. It works well on pet hair. The Triple-Filter system helps in achieving allergen free atmosphere. It reaches hard to reach areas under the furniture and collects the dirt.

The large capacity the dirt chamber is an additional benefit because it doesn’t require to be emptied frequently. The battery life is of 90 minutes which is good enough for cleaning small to medium-sized rooms. The distinct cleaning modes- edge, spot, and max, thoroughly cleans surfaces.


  • ​Quiet
  • ​Large capacity dirt canister
  • ​Sensors to navigate through obstacles and detect uneven flooring
  • ​3-Point Cleaning System


  • ​No barriers or virtual walls
  • ​A bit heavy
  • ​Can’t be weekly scheduled

4. Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum Cleaner (RV720)

​Our Rating

For everyday cleaning tasks, this product provides good assistance. One needs not to learn the complex functionality and worry about referring to the manual for performing minor tasks with it.  It's quite easy to use and also to clean. The unit has a nice, smart-looking low profile design that allows it to easily maneuver under the items scattered in its way.

Designed for hard surfaces and the low pile carpets, this machine features self-cleaning brush-roll that entraps dirt, debris, pet hair, and dander etc inside the dirt canister. It even picks up the smallest of the scrapes off the floors and leaves the house nice and tidy. Using the remote, one can schedule it for cleaning jobs or used it manually while sprawled on the sofa.

For getting rid of the messes in the corners and edges, the dual spinning side brushes are added. It has around 60 minutes of running time thanks to the Lithium-Ion battery. The strong suction and Smart Sensor Technology, along with the tools that come in the box simplifies the task of cleaning and saves a person from all the physical effort involved in using traditional cleaners.


  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Dirt canister is easy to empty
  • ​Nice design
  • ​Smart Sensor technology
  • Gathers even smallest particles of dust


  • ​The device gets stuck a lot
  • ​One-year limited warranty
  • ​Has issues with docking

​5. MOOKA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

​Our Rating

Self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaners haven’t yet replaced the traditional, ordinary ones but it appears that the time is near. These devices have excellent performance. MOOKA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is no different. The reliable, attractive design combined with the offered features that take care of the stubborn messes and allows it to access the difficult to reach spaces and narrow spots has helped it in earning the users’ praise.

The robotic vacuum weighs comparatively less than many models i.e. around 6.1 pounds and eliminates dirt and debris sheltered by the furniture through direct, brushless suction. It reaches under these areas and sucks the messes inside the dirt canister. With a good battery running time of about 100-120 minutes, it cleans large areas in one session before returning to the charging dock.

The auto-adjusting cleaning head gets adjusted appropriately depending on the type of floor. The 4-point cleaning system combined with HEPA filtration provide the necessary protection against the harmful contaminants and keeps the fine dust particles trapped inside the easy-to-remove dirt box. The advanced sensors help in avoiding steps, stairs, bumps, and obstacles in its path.


  • ​Quiet
  • ​HEPA filtration
  • ​4-point Cleaning system
  • ​Smart sensors to detect obstacles and uneven flooring


  • ​Dirt collection bin is small
  • ​Not super effective against pet hair


From the list of the best robot vacuum​s in the market, MOOKA Robotic vacuum cleaner is the clear winner. This product offers all the much-searched advantages i.e. saving time and effort, including advanced features, automatically gets recharged by returning to its charging station, and can be scheduled to clean any time of the day.

Whether a person is at home or at an office, cleaning won’t be a difficult chore anymore. The characteristics like 3-Cleaning modes, 4-Point Cleaning system, smart sensors and HEPA filtration makes it appealing(​best HEPA vacuum cleaners). The unit operates quietly and doesn’t bother the sleeping people or kids. If purchased, it might be the one that fulfills all your needs.  

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