Top 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners 2020

In summer, the idea of jumping into the pleasant pool water feels extremely appealing. However, if the water isn’t clean, instead it’s filthy; the task instantly loses its appeal. Therefore, keeping the pools clean is a must to ensure comfort and creating a safe and clean environment. A pool cleaner will aid a person in this regard. The best robotic pool cleaner, if present at home, can provide wonderful results in 2020.

What is the Importance of Pool Cleaning?

Keeping the swimming pool clean is not only for enjoyment factor so that one can comfortably swim in the clear water, this activity includes financial reasons too. If the pool is regularly cleaned, the equipment will be protected this way and hence, the life of the swimming pool will be prolonged.

If proper care isn’t taken, a swimming pool will be at a risk of turning green due to algae that begins to bloom in the stagnant water and soon takes over the previously clear and clean pool. Then there is another threat due to poor circulation, insufficient filtering time, pollen and tree sap, or leaves etc that can make the pool cloudy and its water unsuitable and unhealthy for swimming.

Importance of cleaning the pool

A pool, if not cleaned, suffers from bacterial growth and mold and mildew infestation too.  Therefore, cleaning pool holds great significance and shouldn’t be done after long breaks but short intervals of time.

How about the manual Pool Cleaning?

Not only in summer but in the cold weather of winter pool maintenance is necessary. In short, swimming pools need cleaning throughout the year, through all the seasons. If one doesn’t own an automatic or robotic pool cleaner and opt for a manual cleaner, they might have to invest a lot more energy and time.

Manual pool cleaners, though effective and affordable, come with a huge downside since performing cleaning chores with them is time-consuming. The self-cleaning feature doesn’t exist with manual cleaning machines. The user has to tackle every issue and take care of everything including guiding the device physically around the pool. So, even when the manual cleaners do the job, the automatic cleaners or the best robotic pool cleaners provide more comfort and ease.

Solution: Early Automatic Pool Cleaners for  Pool Sweeps

In the category of automatic vacuum cleaners, pool sweeps can’t be included. Why? The reason is simple. Unlike vacuum cleaners, these devices can’t suck the debris, dirt, and other harmful contaminants out of the pool. As a part of their structure, these devices contain long tentacles. These tentacles when whipped around causes the debris to lift off the pool floor and hence, increase its chances of reaching the drain or skimmer. These cleaners are now obsolete.   

Automatic Pool Cleaners: Suction-side and Pressure-side Cleaners

When the desire is to gain convenience, opt for an automatic pool cleaner. They aren’t as efficient as one of the best robotic pool cleaners but they quite wonderfully clean the pool, removing dirt and debris of all kinds.

Using an automatic cleaner relieves a person from the task of brushing, vacuuming, and skimming the pool by themselves. But using an automatic cleaner doesn’t give a person the liberty of doing whatever they want and leave everything on their precious automatic machine. The user has to fit the device into the pool and occasionally checks it to make sure it's working fine.

1. Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners, the first automatic cleaners, are attached to the swimming pool circulation system with a hose. Through the pool filter or skimmer basket, these cleaners strain the water. Such type of cleaners is mostly suited for swimming pools that receive more dust and have to deal with small debris particles.

2. Pressure Pool Cleaners

Pressure cleaners, intended for larger debris like twigs and leaves etc, use pressure to move around the bottom and walls of the pool. These machines reduce wear and tear on the pool filter since they already have a filter bag of their own.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Power Source

Robotic cleaners, unlike manual or automatic ones, don’t require any assistance from the user. These remote-controlled devices have an independent power source i.e. a set-down transformer always placed out of the water.

Two Motors

The main unit performs the cleaning action inside the water. It features two motors, one for sucking up the dirt and debris from water through a built-in filter bag, the other to drive the synthetic brushes that are connected to the cleaner. These brushes clean the pool walls.

Self-navigation and Special Features

A robotic cleaner can self-navigate the pool without having to be guided by the owner. A person can stay outside the pool and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of juice while the robotic pool cleaner removes the dirt and other unwanted particles from pool water.

There are units that include special features like algae removal, wall cleaning, or dirt control etc.

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaning is more of a hassle than bargained for. Time and effort are wasted. However, in a majority of the cases, the result is not satisfactory if a cheap quality manual cleaner is used. But with the introduction of robotic pool cleaners, the hours spent on cleaning can now be spent on swimming and enjoying time in the water. Some of the major benefits of using robotic vacuum cleaners are as follows.

1.  Energy Efficiency and Environment-Friendly

Robotic pool cleaners don’t consume very high voltage while running. Most of these devices use almost 70 watts. Some of the units in the market consume as little as 20-volt that is similar to the voltage of a regular bulb. This way, these products proved to be highly energy efficient. This feature not only saves the environment but is cost-effective.

2. Money Saver and Time Saver

Robotic pool cleaners are expensive and may seem quite heavy on the budget. But with their purchase, a person saves more money than any other kind. Since they use less energy, the electricity bill will be low. They require low maintenance since they have a built-in filtration system and dirt collecting bags. This saves the user from all the backwashing and saves time.

3. Advanced Technology

Robot pool cleaning machines possess advance cleaning abilities that are superior to the features included in any automated pool cleaner. These useful machines can climb up the swimming pool walls and navigate through the pool bottom to suck in all the pollutants. Robotic cleaners are capable of handling all kinds of pollutants whether the source is internal or external like chemicals, algae, viruses, bacteria, leaves, twigs, and pollens etc.

Top 5 best robotic Pool Cleaners Recommendations

In the market, there is an abundance of robotic pool cleaners. So, making a choice sometimes becomes too confusing. To aid in this worry, in this section we will be presenting the best robotic pool cleaners that can satisfy all the needs and perform hassle-free cleaning.

1.  Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Known for the best-rated products and titled as the current best-seller in the market, Dolphin has made its mark in the market. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is no different. Weighing around 22 pounds, this cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty period and a number of useful features like extra large cartridge filter, Clever-Clean Technology, Patented Swivel system, and many others.

The built-in software scans the pool dimensions and cleans it automatically regardless of its shape and size, or the type of pool surface. With the extra large filter capacity, it cleans the pool quickly. The Easy-fix modular components of this device are easy to replace and repair.

The PowerClean Brush it is equipped with ensures that the persistent algae, bacteria, and other pollutants sticking to the surface are removed easily. It makes sure that every corner of the pool is scrubbed properly including walls, surface, skin, coves, and water-lines etc. While cleaning, there are no cable-tangling issues. This makes it more appealing.

2. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

The second one in the list is Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner. This device, specially designed for in-ground cleaning doesn’t get stuck anywhere in the swimming pool and add to the troubles. It looks aesthetically pleasing and has the capability of overcoming all kinds of obstacles in its path.

The added properties like solid-blade scrubbing brush ensure that the entire pool surface is properly scrubbed to get rid of dirt, debris, algae, and bacteria etc. The mess in the swimming pools as big as 60 feet can be tackled easily. The device is controlled by a handy remote control that lets a user guide it towards the difficult-to-reach places and eliminate the pollutants.

The 7-day programmable timer allows a user to perform scheduled cleaning tasks. The unit possesses unmatchable navigation power and performs effortlessly even in large pools. With the Easy-Lift system, the cleaner drives itself up to the surface and empties the water gathered inside so the unit will be a lot lighter and easy to remove from the pool. Tangling issues with the cable are non-existent. All in all, it’s quite a nice choice for buyers.

3. 2018 Dolphin Premier Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

If efficiency, faster pool cleaning, and minimal maintenance are the part of the requirement list, this machine proves to be one of the best robotic pool cleaners that have been manufactured ever. The device successfully and without any hassle detects the drains and ladders in its path and easily avoids them. The unit has a warranty policy 50% more than many of its competitors save for the few.

It features a tangle-free rotation swivel system to relieve the user from the stress of freeing the tangled cables. This energy-efficient product has built-in upgraded Smart-Nav software that eases the concern of high electricity bills. The software allows the cleaner to navigate the pool easily while cleaning the walls and tiles. It keeps on scanning for the scattered debris during its operation.

The microfilter and the large-sized dirt collection bag take care of fine debris and large-sized impurities like fallen leaves and twigs. The dual scrubbing brush aids in the cleaning task and eliminates the contaminants sticking to the pool surface. Unlike many, the device does perform spectacularly and doesn’t wander aimlessly in the pool.

4. Hayward RC9955 TigerShark Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hayward has introduced a number of pool cleaners that are proving to be a good weapon in the arsenal of home appliances. This device with its top-notch reliability and elegant design, that lacked any obvious cheap materials, is no different. The hand-held remote control eliminates the possibility of the unit wandering aimlessly. Instead, it can be guided to hard-to-access areas for better and faster cleaning.

For sucking in the filthy dirt, debris, and all kinds of large and small pollutants, an onboard vacuum pump is included in the design to equip it with intense vacuum power. The device comes as a complete system without having the need to be hooked up to pumps and hoses or the pool’s filtration system. Cleaning the unique cartridge system is a matter of few minutes.

Without requiring any manual intervention, it performs its cleaning job quite nicely. The Patented QuickClean Technology supplies a 90-minute cleaning cycle. The machine gets the job done and does it fast. For day to day or week to week cleaning, it’s perfect. However, when it comes to spring cleaning, its capacity isn’t large enough.

5. Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin is known for designing energy-efficient products. Therefore, this product, weighing less and costing low, is similar. With a weight of only 14-pounds, that’s noticeably lower than many machines, this device performs amazingly and effortlessly.

With its unparalleled efficiency and nice speed, the user is relieved from the difficulties faced during the task of cleaning pools. The Hypergrip Continuous tracks allow it to easily walk around the pool surface or climb up the walls to remove pollutants. The Hyperbrush Dual Scrubbing brushes spin twice as fast as regular pool cleaners’ and scrub away any contaminations in the cleaner’s path.

The oversized cartridge filtration system captures all kinds of pollutants, big and small, and eliminates the hassle of replacing the filter bags. It’s not only suitable for above ground pools but also works for in-ground ones. The unit comes with a 4-year warranty that is clearly appealing.


When it comes to purchasing any kind of product, everyone has their unique wishes and requirements. The robotic pool cleaners are no exception. These machines are fast, don’t require manual intervention, and effectively clean and effortlessly navigate the swimming pools.

The search of the best robotic pool cleaner requires some prior knowledge about the topic. In this guide, all the necessary information is provided and best units are suggested. From all the recommended products, the most efficient one is Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner. The unit weighs less than 30 pounds, comes with a 2-year warranty period and has a number of features that ensure that the swimming pool is cleaned properly and without much hassle.


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