Top 5 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for Your Business

​Business owners, whether they are running a large scale business or a smaller one, require a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for commercial purposes. Choosing the appropriate product depending on the business size and mess to clean can be quite tricky. However, once the best commercial vacuum cleaner is selected and put into action, all the allergens, dirt, and debris will leave out of the window.

The Significance of Vacuum Cleaners for Businesses

People spend a majority of their waking hours not at homes but at their workplaces. A workplace is like a second home not only for them but for their co-workers and employees too. Hence, if the environment isn't healthy and clean, this will definitely hinder the work progress.

Workspace can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms. These living impurities in the atmosphere directly affect the health of the people working in that environment and make them suffer. Due to this reason, the work efficiency and productivity have to suffer. If the workspace is kept tidy and the harmful substances are captured in time, this results in less stress and more productivity.

Residential Vs Commercial Vacuum Cleaners 

Commercial vacuums, designed for small to large businesses, are more powerful than any residential cleaner manufactured for performing cleaning tasks in the house.

Unlike residential units meant for being used once or twice a week, commercial units are operated for hours during a single day. 

Commercial vacuuming systems are more durable using high-quality components and are created in such manner that they can last for a very long time.

Products manufactured for cleaning working paces cost more than a regular household vacuum cleaner like vacuum for carpet, vacuum for pet hair, or vacuum for stairs etc. However, they require minimum maintenance.  

The performance of commercial cleaners easily surpasses the residential vacuum cleaners abilities.

Commercial cleaners are comparatively heavy than their residential counterparts and hard to maneuver.

Factors to Consider before Choosing the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

When used for complicated cleaning jobs for more than one or two hours in a day residential vacuum cleaners wear out quickly. Their productivity and performance are also influenced along with their design and the internal components. They are just not built for continuous use. However, a commercial cleaner, being sturdy, powerful, and long-lasting, accomplish its tasks efficiently.

There are certain factors one needs to be taken into account, factors that distinguish a regular commercial unit from the best commercial vacuum cleaner.

1. Design of the Vacuum Cleaner

While selecting a commercial vacuum cleaner, a person is provided with a number of options. Whether to go for an upright unit, a canister one, or a backpack cleaner that supplies increased portability solely depends on the layout of your workspace and its size. For example, if the workspace is quite large, choosing a bulky backpack vacuums won’t do any good for you. Choosing an upright or canister model would be better in such cases since it will put less strain on your muscles.

2.  The Type of Vacuum Cleaner Needed

A wide range is available from which a buyer has to choose from when they want to purchase a commercial vacuum cleaner. There are products meant for dry or wet vacuuming or both. Some units are specially designed for hazardous materials while there are others targeted for carpeted, non-carpeted or vacuum tile floors etc. To make the best selection, observe the environment where you are working.

3. The Kind of Debris required to be Cleaned

Vacuums designed for commercial purposes are intended for focused cleaning. There are products manufactured for different cleaning jobs like removing oil and water spills, sucking in wood chips or bolts and nuts, and taking care of harmful chemicals and impurities etc. If the right machine isn’t chosen, it won’t deliver better performance and the risk of the vacuum cleaner getting clogged or damaged is increased.

4. Space where the Cleaner is Used

Another factor on which one needs to pay special attention to is the area where the cleaner has to be used. If that certain space is bigger, the floors wide and constructed from tile, hardwood, or any other type of flooring, a bulky or heavy cleaner won’t prove to be the best commercial vacuum cleaner in that case. It will be quite hard to move around a large-sized cleaner and there might be a chance that scratches will be left behind.

5. Filtration Type

An effective filtration method not only traps the impurities, dirt, and the debris particles but also don’t let them escape back into the air so the air remains clear and clean. In a majority of the vacuums, HEPA filtration is the chosen and most trusted method of air cleaning that helps in containing pollen, dirt, pet hair and dander, and other types of harmful substances circulating in the air. These agents are allergy triggers that if not properly handled can prove to be a threat to good human health.

6. Noise Level

If the intent is to use the vacuum cleaner where people work or relax like schools, offices, or hotels and restaurants, using the one that makes an almost inaudible sound while operating is the best choice so that people can work in a less noisy environment and accomplish their objectives easily.

There Major Advantages of Commercial Vacuuming Systems

​a. Good Cleaning Action

When it’s about performance, commercial vacuum cleaners deliver more. Since they are capable of handling the toughest of the messes, even for some household purposes some people make use of these durable and sturdy devices.

b. Endurance

Commercial vacuum cleaners, when constructed, get all the long-lasting components installed in them since they are designed keeping the heavy stress and workload they have to endure in mind. Therefore, when it comes to reliability, they will never disappoint a person.

c. Flexibility

Manufactured especially for a business environment, commercial vacuum cleaners are quite flexible in their use. As stated above, some people, impressed by their quick and good cleaning action and durability, decide to buy these pricey products for household usage. This proves how extremely adaptable they are to their surroundings.

Top 5 best commercial vacuums in our recommendations

For cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is an essential piece of equipment. Home cleaners are less consistent, unlike the commercial ones that are far more reliable and efficient. These units are accompanied by multiple filtration levels and designed for heavy-duty cleaning. Choosing a commercial product for vacuuming, like every other type, is complex.

Decision making involves taking into account various factors. However, for readers’ ease, some of the best commercial vacuum cleaners are listed below.

1. Oreck Commercial, Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner, U2000RB1

This product come from well-known brand Oreck, Weighing around 9 pounds and supplying hassle-free cleaning this bag-less vacuum cleaner is considered to be one of the best in the categories of commercial cleaners. Its less weight ensures portability and ease of use and its storage requires less space. The device is durable and sturdy, lasting longer than other commercial machines.

The 40-feet quick change cord aids in cleaning all kinds of floors.  The top-fill bag design allows the user to continue to use the product without any change in its consistency as more dirt and debris is collected inside the bag. A high-speed roller brush and side edge brushes are added to the design for efficient and deep cleaning.

Cleaning under the furniture is simple and easy due to the product’s low profile design. The non-marring bumpers keep the walls and furniture from getting damaged. The helping handle feature eliminates the risk of hurting or twisting the wrist.


  • ​Lightweight and simple
  • ​12-inch cleaning path
  • ​Multi-surface cleaning
  • ​Automatic floor adjustment


  • ​Ineffective on high pile carpets
  • ​A bit noisy

​2. ProTeam Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Possessing the capacity that is three times more than an ordinary upright vacuum cleaners, this 12-pound bagged vacuum cleaner has earned quite a name for itself due to the productivity and efficiency it offers. With a well-made design and versatile nature, it can clean your floors leaving no mess or allergens behind.

This lightweight unit doesn’t give an operator a hard time. The suction power is great due to 1188 watts powerful motor and the product is easy to use around the house. Whether it’s the carpeted floors, the tile ones, or the hardwood flooring, this vacuum cleans it all. The noise level is relatively low. The 50-feet power cord is installed for easily sucking the dirt and debris from the large-sized rooms.

The allergens lurking in the corners of the room and posing a great threat to the health are eliminated by the 4-level Advanced HEPA filtration consisting of Intercept Micro Filters. Within the box, the Xover Multi-Surface toolkit is present containing an assortment of tools for deep cleaning.


  • ​Nice design
  • ​Great suction power
  • ​Durable and efficient
  • ​Xover Multi-Surface toolkit


  • ​Shuts down on its own when it gets overheated
  • ​Emptying the dirt chamber can be messy


3. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

The next vacuum cleaner that has successfully captured a prominent position in the list of the best commercial vacuum cleaners is Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum. This not-so-heavy cleaner of 8.3 pounds is built for lightweight surface cleaning and packs the features and suction power to handle almost any kind of cleaning task around the house.

It features a fingertip on/off switch for user’s convenience. The bagged design makes sure that no dirt is escaped back into the air, a risk that is accompanying bagless units. The long power cord allows an operator to reach areas at a distance without having to bother about searching for power switches after every few minutes. This compact cleaner comes with shoulder straps.

Since it is small, reaching under furniture isn’t a complex task for it. The machine is ideal for tight spaces thanks to the different size heads available for cleaning. It’s affordable and works on a variety of surfaces.


  • ​Compact, bagged design
  • ​Appropriate for cleaning tight spaces
  • ​Comfortable padded shoulder straps for user’s convenience
  • ​Maneuverable


  • ​No storage for attachments
  • ​No swivel mechanism for the power cord

Read full review at here

4. Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum

Powerful, effective, and reasonably priced are few of the many pros of this product. This handy little thing, weighing only 10 pounds can be easily carried on the shoulders due to the provided straps eliminating the need for bending down. The unit is versatile, works on a variety of surfaces from low-pile carpeting to hardwood flooring and can be easily moved up and down the stairs.

For detail cleaner, a built-in HEPA filter is there for trapping allergens and other harmful substances. A 2-piece plastic wand is included in the box for cleaning difficult-to-reach locations. The power cord is of limited length. However, the suction power is good.

Using it doesn’t require any advance or prior knowledge. The unit is easy to operate, use, and performs the given task on time. With a powerful motor of 10-ampere and a cleaning path of 10-inches, the quick cleaning action of this vacuum doesn’t disappoint the customers.


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Disposable Dust Bag System
  • ​Powerful motor
  • ​Versatile
  • ​2-year warranty
  • ​2-piece plastic wand for reaching hard-to-access surfaces


  • ​Limited cord-length
  • ​Ineffective for high-pile carpets

5. Hoover Commercial WindTunnel 13" Bagged Upright Vacuum C1703900

The last but not the least product leaving its users utterly satisfied with its efficient performance and effective cleaning features is Hoover Commercial WindTunnel C1703900. This product is one of the best bagged vacuums which our favorist unit. The attributes added to the machine are responsible for increasing the productivity.

The patented WindTunnel Technology features three air tunnels assisting in the removal of embedded dirt and debris. For carpets with multiple heights, the 5-position height adjustment allows the operator to manually change the height depending on the carpet height. For preventing the walls and baseboards from getting scratched, a non-marking furniture guard is added. The baseboard-cleaning bristles let a user reach deep into the spots and remove the dirt and debris.

An accessory pack with a wide range of helpful tools aids in handling complex cleaning tasks. For advanced maneuverability and ease of use, urethane wheels and extreme recline handle is supplied respectively. All in all, it’s a good commercial cleaner with helpful features.


  • ​Patented WindTunnel Technology
  • ​5-Position Carpet Height Adjustment
  • ​Extreme Recline handle
  • ​Easy to move and use


  • ​Cheap plastic body
  • ​Heavy
  • ​Front cover often falls off


Commercial vacuum cleaners have become a much-needed appliance for almost every kind of business. Whether it’s a hospital, a school, an airport, or an office etc, these helpful devices have made life simpler and easier. Due to their durability and efficiency, despite being high-priced, people are inclining more towards them even for household purposes.

From the list of the best commercial vacuum cleaners, Oreck Commercial, Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner, U2000RB1 has earned itself the top place all because of the useful features and affordable price range. It is lightweight, features automatic floor adjustment, includes a powerful balanced brush roll, has a wide cleaning path, and many other beneficial attributes that ensure deep cleaning.

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