Awesome methods to use Vacuum cleaner for the stairs

Living on a single floor is cozy but many of us love to live in a duplex. There are two floors to be taken care of. In addition, there is staircase that needs the attention in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Vacuuming of the two stories of house can be a tedious job but more efforts goes in for the vacuum of stairs. It becomes essential if the stairs are carpeted and if the house has pets and kids. In this article, there are key points on the cleaning of the stairs.

There are many attachments with the vacuum and they help in cleaning of the stairs. The small hand held attachment is used to clean the corner of the house. Mentioned below are the steps to clean the stairs that is with the hard floor and without carpet.

Step by step method to vacuum for stairs:

  • You must remove the solid trash that is the large pieces. Before the start of the vacuuming you should remove toys, any large pieces of paper or other solid debris fallen on the stairs. You need to do this manually. It is basically removing any trash that might get stuck in the vacuum cleaner.
  • The vacuum for stairs must be started from the Corners and the edges of the stairs . You should change the large attachment that is attached at the edge of the vacuum. It must be changed with the smaller nozzle area that is convenient in getting inside the corners of the staircase.
  • Now start the job in your own way. Keep the nozzle rotating around the edges of the stairs to make them clean. Repeat the same process on the each stair. Every stair would have edges and the corners so the process of cleaning with vacuum clear remains the same.
  • Now you need to be sure that you are pressing  it into the corners as the corners gather most of the dust and it gets settle there comfortably.
  • Start to Vacuum for stairs. Again you need to replace the attachment so that the stairs can be cleaned from the bottom.
  • Start vacuuming by running it over each step from top to bottom of each stair.
  • You must perform the up and down motion just to confirm that the entire staircase is covered in the very same manner.
  • Vacuum on the vertical side of the stairs by turning the attachment to the reverse.
  • With this motion keep going upwards and finish the job of vacuum for stairs.
  • Now it’s your turn to examine the staircase. Check if any part of your stairs is undone.

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Why we need the Carpet for stairs?

It is very common to carpet the Stairs of the house. It is yet tricky to get it fixed in the stairs. It is important to select the well suited carpet for the staircase. It can be little difficult to choose the carpet for the stairs when compared to rest of the areas of the home. The carpet installed on stairs must look neat at the edges and the railing post. You must check the durability apart from the style and the design of the carpet. The thickness of the carpet plays an important role while selecting it for the particular areas.

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Safety for Stairs

Carpets provide the safety on the stairs. They are better than the hard floor or the laminated flooring as they are soft. It is not necessary to carpet the stairs from edge to edge. One can get the carpet installed in form of runner on the stairs. The stairs with the hard floor can also be covered with the carpet. The carpet is very helpful even if when you have a fall. It would protect you from major injuries. The carpet that you select for the stairs should be soil resistant. There are chances of gathering of the dirt from the footwear that you get inside Home.

There are few steps involved in the cleaning of carpeted stairs with vacuum cleaner​:

Procedure 1: Pick the trash up - once you plan to vacuum for stairs with carpet, you must pick the solid trash from the stairs. You must check them carefully as there must be no object left on the stairs that could clog in the vacuum.

Procedure 2: Get the corners clean.

The carpeted stairs would have the dirt and dust gathered in the corners and also with the edges of stairs. One must be smart enough for the selection of the correct attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Best attachment would be a small nozzle on the vacuum. Even the pointed nozzle would work well in the corners. You need to work on the stairs twice. Once for the edges and corners and second time up to down for cleaning of the stairs.

Procedure 3: Work on the double ways of the stairs - it is the turn now to replace the smaller vacuum attachment to the bigger one. You can choose the correct large size attachment to clean the stairs. On the each stair the cleaning is done with the large attachment or the beater brush.

First clean the flat surface of the stair. Now replace the smaller attachment with the nozzle that has a wider attachment. Start working on the flat surface then on the edges. Vacuum it the horizontal and the vertical way on the surface.

It is essential to vacuum the stairs regularly as the family members, pets and the guest stomp the feet and pets their dirty paws. The dust keep gathering on the carpet if not cleaned in regular intervals. With the vacuuming of the stairs it gives a neat and clean look in your home.

You must select the vacuum that is appropriate and has the correct attachments to clean the stairs and their corners. You must regularly check the bags and clean it. In the bagless vacuum cleaner, you must check the container. It is good to invest in the carpet that helps in keeping the stairs away from soil and dirt.


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