Current Grants

USDA Small Socially Disadvantaged Producer Grant

The grant is to provide technical assistance through training to Tribes on buffalo management with emphasis on the different aspects of tribal buffalo management. A Tribal Buffalo Management Handbook will be developed as a result of the trainings and assistance.

NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant

The purpose of the Grassland Restoration and Bison Management on American Indian Lands proposal is to investigate, evaluate, and develop several facets of bison restoration and management of tribally-controlled lands/bison herds in the United States. This project will provide an inventory/census of the bison and their range ecosystems as they currently exist and provide data on long term ecological trends. The results will be valuable in identifying how we can better assist ITBC members in providing information on stocking rates, prairie restoration, and other vital information about how bison affect the dynamics of their environment. Each member Tribe's bison range unit's evaluation of range condition, carrying capacity, and restoration needs list within each bison restoration range unit will be utilized to evaluate if current restoration, management, and funding activities through the varying entities are beneficial and if not what changes need to be implemented for management, protocols, guidelines, and policies that are beneficial to maintaining tribal natural resources.