Saving the Buffalo!

Through the work of some conservationists, the Federal government and private herd owners, efforts to save the buffalo began. After the slaughter, the last wild buffalo herd living in the U.S. made its home in Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

To help preserve those few remaining buffalo, Congress passed a law making it illegal to shoot buffalo in Yellowstone. Several buffalo were also bought from private herds to increase the Yellowstone herd numbers.

Another effort began in 1905 with the start of the American Bison Society formed by President Theodore Roosevelt. Through donations and the support of the American Bison Society, the National Bison Range was set up on about 20,000 acres of land in Montana. In the begining, it held 39 bison, and in 1999, it held 350 bison.

These early efforts were instrumental in bringing more buffalo back to the United States and to Indian Country.