Technical Services

Funding Opportunities

ITBC utilizes funds for administrative overhead and direct assistance to Tribes in establishing new bison production and management programs and/or to enhance and assist existing Tribal bison management programs. A portion of funds will also be used to assist in specific areas of bison restoration efforts. The Technical Services Department is also responsible for seeking additional outside funds to provide further services to augment the organizations efforts.



ITBC assists Tribes in the restoration of bison to tribal lands and promotes the conservation and enhancement of tribal bison herds through the distribution of surplus bison from the various National Park Service and U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service Refuges.


ITBC provides on-site visits to 100% of ITBC member bison projects to assess current and potential bison programs including developing and updating herd management plans and to ensure the overall quality of individual tribal bison projects. ITBC also provides technical assistance to member Tribes in regards to wildlife and biological services including fencing, corrals, equipment, range management, herd management and herd health questions and concerns.